What is a commission rate?

So… you are looking at getting into affiliate marketing and you come across the term ‘commission rate’ and you wonder what it refers to?

Commission rate is a common term used around the world across all sectors of business – property agents, insurance brokers, call centre sales people, sales reps etc all work on a commission rate structure.

A commission is a fee that a sales person receives for selling a product on someone’s behalf. A commission rate can be one of the following:

1)   Fixed percentage of sales value
2)   Fixed price per sale

What makes being an affiliate marketer so great is that affiliates can be sales agents for a number of well-known brands without being employed by the brands. Through affiliate networks like OfferForge.com, brands make their products available for individual affiliates to promote and sell. In return these brands pay the affiliates an agreed commission rate for each product that they sell.