OfferForge Performance Marketing Affiliate Network. Connecting Brands with Customers through Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition.

We connect brands with customers

online lead generation & customer acquisition

what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate win-win relationship

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

We represent a highly targeted network of site owners and content producers who will advertise your brand on their sites in exchange for a small commission each time users complete a desired action - e.g. lead generation or product purchase.

This gives publishers an easy and convenient way to generate income and gives advertisers access to a highly-motivated promotions team, across a number of sectors, who get rewarded based on performance alone.

With vast experience in the field of affiliate marketing as well as a host of other online advertising services. OfferForge understand how best to get your product or service to market and how to grow your customer base profitably, ethically and sustainably.

how does it work?

We display advertising on over 28 000 affiliate websites, search engines and media partners.

Every time a visitor click an ad, we track the interaction and resulting leads, acquisitions or sales.

We report results in real time for both affiliates and advertisers.

You Only Pay for Results

We could hardly claim to be performance marketing experts if we expected payment without delivering. You set your campaign objectives (awareness, leads, acquisition or sales) and we only charge you when we achieve that objective.

why offerforge?

  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
  • Scalability & Global Reach
  • Accuracy & Accountability
  • Performance-Based Remuneration

our services

Display Advertising

As a core component of your campaign, display advertising can be a very effective tool in increasing website traffic and generating leads. Through the use of banners and retargeting strategies, we help identify new customers and improve your conversions.

Email Marketing

Communicate directly with potential customers by using our highly scalable email solution. With data-driven targeting, and a track record of high open and response rates, there are few more cost effective ways of acquiring customers.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is fast becoming a marketing necessity. OfferForge gives you the ability to reach your audience wherever they may be, on whatever device they use. With our network of top tier mobile publishers, and performance-based inventory, we offer a complete mobile marketing solution.

Search Marketing

Knowing what people are searching for allows us to target users who have already indicated a propensity to convert. Our expert paid search team can carefully tailor your campaign to maximise conversions, revenue and profit.

Social Media Marketing

Social media provides a new way to increase engagement, lead generation and customer acquisitions. Through innovative design, advertising and advanced customer targeting, we’ll increase your Facebook Page likes, interactions and engagement, helping consumers truly fall in love your brand.

what are the benefits?

Risk-Free Advertising

You only pay for results. You don’t pay for page views or clicks, unless those are the objectives of your campaign.

Increased Exposure

With OfferForge, you have access to a vast network of websites, bloggers, complementary businesses and email list owners, who are able to refer motivated users to your site.

Building Relationships

Affiliate marketing offers the unique opportunity for advertisers and publishers to nurture long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships that increase the success and efficiency of each other’s businesses over time.

don't just take our word for it

"OfferForge were the best fit for us. The sign up process was very straightforward and they had a nice network and pool of affiliates, with a good collection of websites."