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Affiliate Marketing Survey

Please tell me a little more about yourself in our Affiliate Marketing Survey!

I think it is time we got to know each other a little better. I am Natashia, the Affiliate Community Manager here at OfferForge. My goal is to find out what makes you tick, what you are all about and just basically how you work online.

If I can gain a better understanding of how you work, I would be able to get you going on the offers that will work best for you.

By answering the questions in this quick survey you will also help me to get more advertisers on board that fit in with your business.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could run through the questions in the survey below.

Take our survey

You are also more than welcome to contact me at if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Happy earning!
Natashia & the Forge Team
yours in affiliate marketing brilliance!

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 _ migration to CAKE Tracking

Offerforge now runs on CAKE tracking

OfferForge is pleased to announce that our new second generation ad serving & performance tracking platform is now live. We will now be running on CAKE

Tracking has been given a major overhaul and now boasts a host of features including Content Delivery Network mirroring, Lead Verification & data enrichment and Mobile Attribution.

Included in the mobile feature set OfferForge now has the ability to track & attribute revenue to affiliates and marketing channels for Application Installs, In App purchases and In App Advertising.

The SDK for iOS and Android App Developers will be launched in the coming month.

Interested App Developers are invited to apply for partner status.

Jonathan Miller, CEO of OfferForge commented:

“We expect to see a boom in the South African App install, in-app purchase & in-app advertising markets. Traditionally app developers have had to rely on the app stores to promote their products, or use Facebook and similar channels, which don’t offer detailed attribution data. We’ve changed the game by including all these features in”

Affiliate Marketers will immediately notice the improved ad delivery speed and tracking, as the mirrored ad servers will enable ads to be displayed from the closest regional content host.

OfferForge Lead Generation has been redeveloped from the ground up and now includes the ability for lead buyers to bid for leads based on demographic attributes.

This will enable smaller businesses to invest in relevant lead generation on a smaller more targeted scale.

Released: 28 February 2014
For information contact:
Jonathan Miller
T: 086 10 36743 (086 10 FORGE)

Seasons Greetings from

Seasons Greetings!

Happy Holidays to all our valued Affiliates,  Advertisers, Staff & their Loved ones!


Holiday Support

Our offices will close on the 20th of December at and re-open on the 6th of January.

Tech staff will continue to provide support via our support ticketing system.

If you require support during this time, please Log a Support Ticket.

myPrepaid launches lead generation campaign

myPrepaid offers customers a seamless solution in buying prepaid electricity online, safely and securely. This lead generation campaign pays publishers for per lead sent through to myPrepaid. All prepaid customers are searching for a convenient way to purchase, which results in a high demand for myPrepaid?s service and month on month growth.

myPrepaid lead generation campaign

A customer would need to:
1. Register at myPrepaid
2. Setup myPrepaid as a beneficiary on internet banking
3. Make an EFT

It’s convenient and available 24/7; customers will receive their token within 10 minutes of purchasing.

Our support teams are on hand 8am to 10pm 7 days a week.

Start earning today by picking up this campaign.

Affiliates can only benefit from an earning model whereby they earn on a cost per lead basis. Through lead generation campaigns the money received per lead is far higher than on cost per click or CPM campaigns and can add greatly to your bottomline.

Many South Africans are already buying prepaid electricity and the numbers are definitely on the increase. In many new developments prepaid meters are rolled as standard. So developers are actually helping you to grow your potential market with every new home built! The meters are also subsidized, which is also resulting in many consumers getting them installed in their homes.

Engaging your visitors on-site to increase value

One of the biggest challenges we face as affiliates is to ensure that our visitors have a reason to come back to our site.  Sure, we write good, engaging and entertaining content, but it helps to ensure you have tools and services that keeps them coming back.

One such tool is the newly developed ‘white label’ accommodation search engine, powered by the affiliate program on OfferForge.  It’s a nicely iframed solution that keeps your visitor on-site longer and adds value (and commissions!)

It’s a 1st generation and by the middle of July will boast a city search that looks up as you type and doesn’t require a country selection first. I like it, but its your opinion that counts.

Test it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, integration’s a snap – you can find the code here: Affiliate Search Tool accommodation search function for visitors


Time to crack down: Fraudster Smackdown

The web’s a funny old thing.  For some reason it brings out the best and the worst in our industry, like a fraudster here and there.

Take the case of Clark*  (not his real name – we’re not protecting him, but that’s the one he used).

Now Clark is based in some offshore land where he believes he’s above the reach of law and order.  Chris beavers away day and night at his affiliate business.

Unlike the rest of us honest, hardworking & innovative affiliates Chris doesn’t believe in honestly earning a buck though.

“why work hard when I’m smarter than the rest and untouchable in this foreign land”, Chris muses to himself as he busily enters stolen credit card details he’s swapped from some underground exchange and creates dozens of fake transactions on an unsuspecting merchant’s website.

Now Chris is not actually expecting toys, perfumes, magazines and electronics to be shipped all the way to him in his far off land.  He’s only interested in scamming the affiliate network out of commissions.  Oh yes, he’s a bright boy who knows that some merchants are just a little slow and by the time they figure out that they’ve been scammed the commissions are long gone.

By the time they realize he’ll have been paid, shut his affiliate account and pop up in another place and under another name.

We could wax on about the damage that Clark and his ilk do to our industry, but frankly he’s not concerned about what we think of him, he’s too busy destroying an industry.

Well, surprisingly there is quite a lot that can be done if you’re stupid enough to consider Canada a far off land.  It’s fraud and the authorities frown on that kind of thing.  IP addresses are a real bitch, especially the new kind that show just who and where you are.  Oh, and thinking you’ll get paid by Paypal ‘cos it’s anonymous is another FAIL.  They’re just as happy to collaborate with authorities and refund commissions because you’ve linked your bank account,  so now the PoPo know who you are, where you bank and where you live.

So while Clark busily goes about his day, sitting in his apartment in Toronto, does he hear the doorbell ring?

It’s for you Clark, a nice man with metal bracelets has come to visit.

When an affiliate fraudster gets what he deserves




New advertisers: Faithful to Nature and Get Bucks

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature is South Africa’s leading online organic and natural store. With green and all things eco being the most talked about trend there is tremendous scope to promote the 2500 plus individual product lines ranging from natural cosmetics to gluten free food to organic household cleaning products and everything in between. Products like the biodegradable kitchen cloths; organic sunscreen or hemp socks make for interesting finds; plus the our blog is jam packed with information on all things natural and healthy and much more. We also offer amazing gift packs which work well for many different events, creating ample opportunity to make the sale.

The earning potential for affiliates from a campaign like this is really good. The main reason for this is the constant growth in the health market in South Africa. As more and more people are becoming health conscious these products would appeal to a large audience.

Promoting this products on a CPS basis where you would earn commission on every sale can become quite profitable. The profits associated with the health market online is huge and as a result affiliate marketing is abuzz with these types of offers… and with good reason.

getbucks affiliate program

The GetBucks affiliate program

The GetBucks service allows flexible online loans that are available whenever you need it. All you do is choose your required amount and desired repayment date. Terms are shown up front and there are no hidden costs!

The campaign their are running is a flat rate on a CPA basis. This affiliate program offers affiliates a good chance to earn extra cash as the offer is something that would appeal to a broad audience. So often people run into financial difficulties and have problems with cash flow.

By promoting GetBucks through our affiliate marketing network you would be able to turn your pageviews into cold hard cash.

BetXchange launches CPM campaign

BetXchange cpm campaign launched

BetXchange has been in operation since 1988. Offering extensive betting facilities with regards to local and international horse racing and all sporting events.

BetXchange, regulated by the Gauteng Gaming Board invites you to join the summer action with two world class sporting events hosted in South Africa

South Africa vs Australia cricket – Catch the  titans of world cricket clash.  Australia have the momentum, they have the game time under their belts and they
possess a strong batting and bowling unit. The Proteas will be eager to begin their season strongly but the time it will take them to find their feet may just cost them the match.

The Nedbank Golf Challenge – Is an annual golf tournament played on the Sun City Gary Player Country Club Course which is situated in South Africa’s.  The tournament has unquestionably become the greatest showcase of golf on the African continent and is fondly regarded as “Africa’s Major”.

Played during the first week of December, a time of the year when both the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup and the European Tour’s Race to Dubai have been concluded, the marquee names in professional golf consider the Nedbank Golf Challenge to be a year-end highlight, and despite the dates clashing with the Chevron World Challenge, the 30th Nedbank Golf Challenge attracted some of the biggest names in the game.

The earning potential of the this CPM campaign for publishers with high volume sites is really good. The campaign is paged on pageviews served, not clicks, sales or leads.

As a result BetXchange would get a lot of brand exposure and some sales, while you the publisher would get a chance to monetize your high volumes of pageviews.

Take advantage now and join the action by running BetXchange.