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NEW CREATIVE: NetFlorist (Winter Warmers)

We’ve added new banner ad creatives to the NetFlorist offer for the winter season… Snuggle up, it is about to get very chilly…

Please note: These banners will be active for the duration of winter.


Mortgage Market launched on Offerforge! is South Africa’s first online marketplace for home loans.

By using MortgageMarket your visitors can make one application to South Africa’s top 5 banks in real time.

When a loan is funded, MortageMarket will pay the borrower up to R25,000 cash back, so it’s a huge incentive to use the service.

Affiliates earn 0.25% of loan value with minimum payout of R1,000
On R1,000,000 loan that’s a whopping R2500.

There are fast start bonuses and competitions too.
For month 1 any bonds will get a double commission, so get your links and start running this campaign today!

NEW CREATIVE: NetFlorist (Mother’s Day) (PLEASE NOTE: This promotion has come to an end)

Have a look at the beautiful new banner ad creatives we’ve added to the NetFlorist offer for Mother’s Day

Please be sure to have them removed on the 11th of May.



In the last 40 days the way South Africans buy has changed for ever.

The e-commerce industry was severely affected by the lockdown restrictions and in many instances will only be able to resume trading when the country reaches Stage 3 of the lockdown regulations. To assist e-commerce merchants South African based company OfferForge and its partners has committed R2.5Million to an ecommerce grant fund.

The fund will assist South African e-commerce stores accelerate their marketing and recover from the lingering economic effects of the lockdown.

Approved applicants will receive up to R38,500 in marketing credits which will be used against the setup and operation of their affiliate program.

“The fund, initially opened to Shopify powered stores, we have a ready integration to enable sales tracking, has been expanded. Web stores that don’t use Shopify may apply and depending on the complexity of their integration may be approved to participate.” said Jonathan Miller, Managing Director of OfferForge South Africa.

The company has waived platform costs for 12 months. The only marketing cost the store owner will pay is a transaction fee on sales generated by the Ad Network.

eCommerce sales are generated when the network displays advertising across over 28,000 participating websites, also known as “affiliates”. The affiliate websites earn a commission on every sale they refer.

Approved merchants will receive:

  • Deeply discounted setup at just R4,000 once off.
  • Waived network & ad serving hosting fees for 12 months (R12,000 value)
  • 1 set of IAB standard Banners (R6,500 value)
  • Launch marketing to affiliate partners on email & social media (R8,000)
  • Paid advertising on targeted websites (R12,000 value)


To Apply, please contact the company or complete our grant fund application

NEW MERCHANT: Aconite Medical Supplies

We are pleased to announce a brand new offer on OfferForge –

Aconite Medical Supplies (11588)


NEW CREATIVE: NetFlorist (Groceries)

Netflorist is Shipping Essentials!

As an affiliate you’ll continue to earn 10% on all orders.

We’ve added essentials banner ads. We’ve replaced the default ads with essentials ads for you, so if you’re serving the default banners you don’t need to make any changes.
If your banners haven’t changed, please download the banners and post them to display the Essentials banners.


NEW CREATIVE: King Price Insurance (April 2020)

We’ve added April banner ad creatives to the King Price Insurance offers – Gold & Green CTA’s!


Gold CTA

Green CTA


Does Facebook block all Affiliate Links?

Yes, Facebook and other social media channels have started blocking affiliate links.

The reason for blocking these links is reported that they want their users to have a great experience on their platform so have eliminated affiliate links. You can however still run your links in Facebook Ads.

It’s important to note that Facebook blocks only if you direct link using your affiliate link.

This is why it’s important to always have a presell page between Facebook and your affiliate offer.

Presell pages can actually increase your conversions. A good landing page changes a consumer’s mindset from being a social browser to a qualified buyer. There is a lot of psychology which goes into presell pages but they could include a motivation, a personal recommendation, peer review or side by side product comparison.

Using presell pages to prime your visitor you’ll not only increase your conversion likelihood but you’ll also have an opportunity to build your audience and grow your own website traffic.

Home Truths of Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve just started out in affiliate marketing and you are looking to build a new revenue stream for yourself, there are a few truths you need to know.


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COVID-19 Response

Effective the 17th of March until at least the 30th of March the majority of our company staff will be working remotely, to ensure we mitigate against the spread of the Corona virus and to make life a little easier for those of us with families and kids who are home from school.

As a predominantly digital business, our infrastructure and systems are perfectly aligned and many of our staff remote work often, so business should not be affected or interrupted. We will however suspend travel and in-person meetings for the next few weeks.

To reach any of our team you can still use our phone numbers (SA) 087 231 0377 and (USA) +1844 223 0224.