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Does Facebook block all Affiliate Links?

Yes, Facebook and other social media channels have started blocking affiliate links.

The reason for blocking these links is reported that they want their users to have a great experience on their platform so have eliminated affiliate links. You can however still run your links in Facebook Ads.

It’s important to note that Facebook blocks only if you direct link using your affiliate link.

This is why it’s important to always have a presell page between Facebook and your affiliate offer.

Presell pages can actually increase your conversions. A good landing page changes a consumer’s mindset from being a social browser to a qualified buyer. There is a lot of psychology which goes into presell pages but they could include a motivation, a personal recommendation, peer review or side by side product comparison.

Using presell pages to prime your visitor you’ll not only increase your conversion likelihood but you’ll also have an opportunity to build your audience and grow your own website traffic.

Affiliate Payments Explained

Affiliate networks like and many others pay affiliates monthly for delivering conversions, sales or any other commissionable results.

What’s a commissionable result?

Good question!  Let me explain….

When an advertiser joins our network, they determine the conversion point at which they will pay a commission to you, the affiliate publisher.

Examples of commission points include cost per click (CPC) for driving qualified traffic to their site, cost per lead (CPL) for delivering approved leads or cost per aquisition and sale programs which can be either a percentage of the sale or a once-off bounty for acquiring the customer.

When do you pay affiliates?

OfferForge settles publisher commissions on a nett 45 basis.  This means you can expect payment in the middle of the month each month for the period preceeding the last month.  For example, December is paid in February.  January is paid in March and February is paid in April.

Why do you pay nett45?

It takes time to accumulate the reporting from our advertisers and ensure that the data is updated and reflects accurately.  We also need to collect payments and this typically takes 30 days from invoice to finalize.

How do I know how much affiliate commission I am due?

In the affiliate interface you should find a BILLS section.  This report illustrates your finalized earnings each month, as well as the status of the payment.

affiliate payment due

The date paid is updated when the amount is settled.

PENDING is the status for any amounts finalized but not yet paid to you.
UNBILLED & CURRENT are the open periods not yet eligible for payment.

How are affiliate payments processed?

Payments are processed automatically each month you’re eligible to receive a payment, provided you meet the minimum payment threshold and your banking info has been added to the system.

Our minimum threshold to receive payment is USD100/ZAR500, unless you selected a higher payout value.  If you’re paid in any other currency, the currency equivalent is the minimum.


Only publishers that require WIRE TRANSFERS (international publishers outside of the borders of South Africa) or VAT registered vendors (South African Tax) are required to send invoices.

All other publishers are paid automatically and we generate invoices on your behalf, which are lodged in our systems.

South African publishers:

  • Are paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer).
  • If you are VAT registered please issue a VAT invoice, ensuring our VAT number is listed on the invoice.

OfferForge (Pty) Ltd.
VAT number: 4890284021
90 Sovereign Drive, Route21 Corporate Park, Irene, 0157

International publishers:

  • Are paid Wire in SA Rand or International currency equivalent.
  • If you require Wire Transfers we need an invoice from you made out to our company including your Banking Information
  • Invoices to be issued to:

OfferForge (Pty) Ltd.
90 Sovereign Drive, Route21 Corporate Park, Irene, 0159

Remit invoice to:  [email protected].

How do I change my bank account details?

Changing your Bank Info is only required when you change bank.
Update your bank account info in the affiliate interface no later than the 7th of the month.
Accounts with no payment information will be notified and funds will accrue until payment information is added.  Accounts with incorrect / failed banking information will incur processing fees.

How to change your bank details with OfferForge

Do you want to change your bank details with OfferForge? It is easy as 1, 2, 3! Just follow the three easy steps below:


Login to the Affiliate Portal ( using your Username & Password.


What is a commission rate?

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Does OfferForge charge affiliates to join their network?

By Ryan Mac Geoghegan, OfferForge Network Manager

OfferForge does not charge affiliates to join the network of 1 000’s of affiliates, it’s absolutely FREE. OfferForge also does not charge affiliates any kind of fee to run any of the available campaigns.

How do affiliates get paid?

By Ryan Mac Geoghegan, OfferForge Network Manager

There are a number of various payout structures in affiliate marketing. See below a list of these together with a brief description: (more…)

Digital Marketing – Did you know?

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