5 Reasons to start affiliate marketing

5 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing Right Now

Affiliate marketing is one of the most accessible and potentially lucrative online business models.   It offers flexibility and significant income potential and requires relatively low startup costs.   Here

SEO Optimizations to Implement Now

Top 5 SEO Optimizations for Search Ranking

Gaining search ranking is crucial for any performance marketing and overall brand reach strategy. Search Engine Optimization is the most lucrative starting point if you’re looking to boost visibility, increase

COVID-19 Response

Effective the 17th of March until at least the 30th of March the majority of our company staff will be working remotely, to ensure we mitigate against the spread of

Affiliate Payments Explained

Affiliate networks like OfferForge.com and many others pay affiliates monthly for delivering conversions, sales or any other commissionable results. What’s a commissionable result? Good question!  Let me explain…. When an

How do affiliates get paid?

AFFILIATE PAYMENTS UPDATE Lead Pricing & Update Process Leads captured into our systems are updated either in real-time (if they’re sold on a cost-per-lead or cost per acquisition basis) or post-month if

Digital Marketing – Did you know?

DIGITAL MARKETING is known to be a marketing method which digitally markets products and services via various forms of digital technology, such as internet, mobile phones, display advertising etc. In