Debt Eraser offer is back!

Debt Eraser affiliate program is back!

Debt Eraser is live again, so get the banners back up, we are waiting for your leads 🙂

debt eraser logo

Debt Eraser – (HLF)(11105)

Payout: You will be paid R40 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media

Qualifying Criterias:
Monthly Income: R9 000 Plus
Not be under Debt Review
Must be over indebted
South African Resident

Log into your dashboard and grab the banners!

As far as affiliate marketing offers go there are very few that suit the South African market better. South African consumers are some of the most indebted in the world. As a result the number of people who need help managing their debt is alarming.

Your involvement would be to help point people in the right direction to help them sort out their debt problems. In return for this you will be paid R40 for every validated unique lead you sent through.

New Affiliate Marketing Offer – BestBranding

BestBranding has joined!

BestBranding is one of the leading suppliers of Promotional Products in South Africa, hether you are looking for a lanyard, pen, mug, notebook, diary or a promotional item for giveaway, BestBranding is your solution!

bestbranding bannerads 300x250

BestBranding – CPS (11353)

Payout: You will be paid 3% on every sale made

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, Text Link, Social Media

Notes: Take advantage of the 10% off on all items and start promoting this offer now! Remember that it is end of year, meaning it is the ideal time for companies and individuals to give away personalized branded items!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer.

The offer is ideal for any website aimed at B2B customers. Any sales you drive will likely be for relatively large volume orders. The good news for you is that it would mean more commission in your bank account!

There are a number of creative options that can pick up right now on

Consumer Rewards: dead simple affiliate marketing offer

Consumer Rewards launched last week and we already have an amazing competition that you can start promoting!

With summer almost here we decided to give away a R1500 Groupon voucher to one of your lucky consumers, all you need to do is promote the competition on any of your platforms 🙂

groupon consumer rewards

Consumer Rewards(11328)

Payout: You will be paid a whopping R3.50 per unique entry.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

Notes: Consumer Rewards brings publishers a wide range of competitions and creatives to ensure they reach as many consumers as possible to help increase their earnings.

Brand new banners and email creative can be found in the creative section of the offer.

The roll out of more competitions over the coming weeks will expand the number of competitions to 10. With this variety you would be able to entice loads of clicks from your website visitors.

The lure of a prize will also result in large numbers of entries from clicks. You will be earning R3.50 for every unique entry that they receive for these competitions.

New Easy Affiliate Marketing Offer – Consumer Rewards has a brand new offer – Consumer Rewards!

Consumer Rewards is another easy money maker for sure! All you have to do is get consumers to complete a short survey, they automatically get entered into the competition and you have R7 added to your account for each of them.

groupon_banner_250x250 on Consumer Rewards

Consumer Rewards (11328)

Payout: You will be paid R3.50 per unique lead generated

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, SMS

Notes: If you love running SA Consumer Short Competitions then this offer is an absolute must! With a great payout and amazing competitions for consumers you can increase your earnings easily – a little extra spending money for the December holidays.

A wide variety of creatives are available, if you are looking for the mailer then please let us know 🙂

Let`s get earning!

Bargain Bay Launches on Offerforge – 01-04-2016

OfferForge Advertiser News Alert

Bargain Bay now runs their affiliate marketing offer on!

Bargain Bay Offer Launched

Bargain Bay is an online store where you can buy really cool stuff for ridiculously low prices!
Products include (to name but a few):

  • MP3 Players
  • Earphones / Headphones
  • Durable chargers for IOS and Android
  • Power banks

With delivery available to anywhere in South Africa and easy payment systems, shopping with them is as convenient as can be.

Log in and grab some banners, we will be adding new ones soon!

Affiliates will earn 15% on each sale made, run this offer NOW!




Happy earning!
Natashia & the Forge Team
yours in affiliate marketing brilliance!

Your affiliate marketing efforts should be well rewarded and this type of offer is the best sales offer to run. When you have people browsing on electronic devices and they see more related electronic products, you know you have potential for sales!

The products that they have on offer might not appeal to every South African, but it is likely to appeal to many. Pick up the creatives in the affiliate system right now and make some money online!

As always you are more than welcome to contact us if you ever need any help with this.

OFFERFORGE.COM, South Africa’s #1 Affiliate Network


Affiliate Marketing Survey: Tell us more about yourself!

OfferForge Advertiser News Alert


Affiliate Marketing Survey

Please tell me a little more about yourself in our Affiliate Marketing Survey!

I think it is time we got to know each other a little better. I am Natashia, the Affiliate Community Manager here at OfferForge. My goal is to find out what makes you tick, what you are all about and just basically how you work online.

If I can gain a better understanding of how you work, I would be able to get you going on the offers that will work best for you.

By answering the questions in this quick survey you will also help me to get more advertisers on board that fit in with your business.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could run through the questions in the survey below.

Take our survey

You are also more than welcome to contact me at if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Happy earning!
Natashia & the Forge Team
yours in affiliate marketing brilliance!

OFFERFORGE.COM, South Africa’s #1 Affiliate Network


OfferForge launches new Affiliate Marketing Portal

New Affiliate Marketing Portal Launched

Have you checked out the new OfferForge Affiliate Marketing Portal?

It’s a radical departure from previous versions, with a streamlined design and simplified navigation.

There are 3 main tabs on the left navigation to access your Dashboard, Offers & Reports.


This is the default landing page when you log in.  On the dashboard we’ve included 4 widgets to show you campaign, creative & overall performance summaries.  Don’t worry if they’re blank when you first log in, as soon as you start delivering traffic the reports will populate.

There’s even an UPDATES twitter feed widget, where we’ll be sharing new offers, creative updates and other relevant info.


This tab will display all affiliate marketing offers currently open to you.  Any active offer will display as a link while inactive offers will show as greyed out.  Don’t worry, we’re activating more offers each day as our advertisers confirm they’re tracking.

If you’re missing out on offers or want to run an active offer you’re not approved for, reach out to your affiliate manager or log a support ticket.


The reports tab lets you access detailed reporting on sales, pending transactions and sub-id information.  I’ll dedicate another post to all the new features this adds to our affiliate program.  Once you see the new reporting I’m confident you’ll love it!

Latest News

If you got to this page, chances are you hit the latest news tab.  It’s a feed from our network blog and we’ll continue to update it with new offer info, helpful hints and guest blogger articles.

Let us know what you think!  Tweet us @offerforge or drop us a mail.

Online Contact Lenses Affiliate Program for

Contact Lenses affiliate program launched

The contact lenses affiliate program for has been launched on!

“I’m sick of running out and having to order from my optometrist.  Takes days”

“Ugh, I have to keep them in extra long and they become all scratchy”

“Time to look like a nerd again and wear glasses for a week”

These are just some of the responses you can expect from a contact lens wearer, when asked about the hassle of refilling prescription contact lens orders.

Now consumers have an alternative in  Offering a hassle-free online ordering process they’ll store prescriptions and send out orders as and when you need them.  Delivery is free anywhere in SA!

LensesOnly has launched it’s South African Affiliate Marketing Program on and is offering a whopping 7% of sale.  Even considering how affordable LensesOnly are, the commission value alone is mid double digits!

Planet Fitness Launches Affiliate Program on

Planet Fitness Affiliate Program

We’re pumped to welcome fitness industry heavyweights and all round health fanatics Planet Fitness to the network.

Planet Fitness is offering week’s free gym membership  and R450 in vouchers.
Planet Fitness affiliate program

So, if you know folks who want to get buff for summer, this is the offer for you!

You’ll earn a handsome CPA for each new customer that signs up to Planet Fitness.

So, do some good, help your audience get ripped for summer and earn in the process!

Check out the Landing Page

We’ve got creative in all major sizes including leaderboard, skyscrapers, boxes and buttons.

View creative now

The health industry in South Africa is growing rapidly and there are wonderful opportunities coming out of it for digital marketers.

More and more South Africans are becoming conscious of their health. You can make money online by promoting a healthier lifestyle to them.

The two parts needed in living a healthy live is exercise and healthy eating. Through this affiliate program you will offer them access to the first key they need.