Does Facebook block all Affiliate Links?

Image explaining the affiliate linking process from facebook.
Does Facebook block affiliate links?

Yes, Facebook and other social media channels have started blocking affiliate links.

The reason for blocking these links is reported that they want their users to have a great experience on their platform so have eliminated affiliate links. You can however still run your links in Facebook Ads.

It’s important to note that Facebook blocks only if you direct link using your affiliate link.

This is why it’s important to always have a presell page between Facebook and your affiliate offer.

Presell pages can actually increase your conversions. A good landing page changes a consumer’s mindset from being a social browser to a qualified buyer. There is a lot of psychology which goes into presell pages but they could include a motivation, a personal recommendation, peer review or side by side product comparison.

Using presell pages to prime your visitor you’ll not only increase your conversion likelihood but you’ll also have an opportunity to build your audience and grow your own website traffic.