Debtsafe affiliate offer back in OfferForge

Debtsafe affiliate program

We are pleased to inform you that the DebtSafe affiliate program offer is once again running in OfferForge.

Customer Benefits:

A registered debt counselor will review and restructure your referrals’ credit obligations to an affordable level. The debt review process will result in a court order which will protect them from their creditors.

The National Credit Act prescribes Debt Counseling as a legal remedy for over indebtedness. This takes into account all accounts on a consumers name, and looks at his/her credit profile holistically.

Please note that you will need to apply and be approved to run this offer.

Boodle campaign is live in OfferForge again

boodle campaign is live again

Boodle is back with an even better payout offer to you. Micro loans are a fast growing industry and Boodle offers Same-Day payouts on loans from R250.

Advertise Boodle and you can earn R40 per funded loan up to 50 per month.  Send 50 to 100 loans each month and you’ll earn R55 for all your loans.  100+ loans gets you R70 per loan irrespective of the loan value!

Cookie life 30 days
Display, Search, Email and Contextual allowed.
RealTime and imported tracking.

The enormous volume of micro loans that the South African market deals in every month is huge. If you decide to advertise Boodle as an affiliate, the above mentioned scale clearly shows the earning potential if you send through large volumes to them.

The more quality traffic you send through, the higher your commission earnings will be. Affiliate marketing in the financial sector has always been competitive, but the rewards have also always been great. Leverage your site traffic today and turn those pageviews into cash.

The popularity of affiliate offers related to loans is undeniable. As an affiliate you would be able to cash in on the need that exists in South Africa. The earning potential from these offers are huge.