In the last 40 days the way South Africans buy has changed for ever.

The e-commerce industry was severely affected by the lockdown restrictions and in many instances will only be able to resume trading when the country reaches Stage 3 of the lockdown regulations. To assist e-commerce merchants South African based company OfferForge and its partners has committed R2.5Million to an ecommerce grant fund.

The fund will assist South African e-commerce stores accelerate their marketing and recover from the lingering economic effects of the lockdown.

Approved applicants will receive up to R38,500 in marketing credits which will be used against the setup and operation of their affiliate program.

“The fund, initially opened to Shopify powered stores, we have a ready integration to enable sales tracking, has been expanded. Web stores that don’t use Shopify may apply and depending on the complexity of their integration may be approved to participate.” said Jonathan Miller, Managing Director of OfferForge South Africa.

The company has waived platform costs for 12 months. The only marketing cost the store owner will pay is a transaction fee on sales generated by the Ad Network.

eCommerce sales are generated when the network displays advertising across over 28,000 participating websites, also known as “affiliates”. The affiliate websites earn a commission on every sale they refer.

Approved merchants will receive:

  • Deeply discounted setup at just R4,000 once off.
  • Waived network & ad serving hosting fees for 12 months (R12,000 value)
  • 1 set of IAB standard Banners (R6,500 value)
  • Launch marketing to affiliate partners on email & social media (R8,000)
  • Paid advertising on targeted websites (R12,000 value)


To Apply, please contact the company or complete our grant fund application