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NEW CREATIVE: King Price Insurance (January 2020)

Happy 2020!!!

We’ve added January banner ad creatives to the King Price Insurance offer!


NEW CREATIVE: King Price Insurance (December 2019) (PLEASE NOTE: This promotion has come to an end)

We’ve added December banner ad creatives to the King Price Insurance offer!


Update: Year End Work Scheduling


All of us at OfferForge would like to thank you for your support throughout the year of 2019 & we are looking forward to working with you again
in the coming new year!




We are pleased to announce a brand new offer on OfferForge!


OfferForge Closure Dates…

To all of our valued customers, suppliers, affiliates & friends

All of us at OfferForge would like to thank you for your support throughout the year of 2018 & we are looking forward to working with you again in the coming new year!

Wishing you & your loved ones a safe
& happy holidays & a happy new year…

Closing from 21 December 2018 – 3 January 2019 including public holidays

Not to worry – if you have any urgent queries over this closing period, we will have a support crew who you can get in contact with:
Operational queries –
Delivery queries –

Happy holidays everybody,


Dark Carnival launches affiliate program

Dark Carnival Retail is a South African company committed to providing its customers access to the latest Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Collectables and related merchandise from around the world.

Dark Carnival has partnered with OfferForge to launch their affiliate program, targeted at South African Consumers with an interest in collectables, Graphic Novels and Merchandise.


Affiliate Program Overview:

Affiliates earn 7% on all sales, with a 30 day cookie.

Allowed Media:

Social Media

Datafeed launcing soon.


Dark Carnival has mobile and web creative in all IAB sizes.
For a full list of creative please log in to your affiliate account.

AVBOB lead generation program now accepting publishers

Lot’s going on this week and lots of opportunities for you to make money 🙂




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We’re super pleased to welcome Avbob to the OfferForge Network.

AVBOB is Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society and has provided a one-stop funeral insurance and burial service solution since 1918.

This offer pays out R50 for each valid lead.

Allowed Media
Display Ads
Social Media
In-App Ads



Scorpion Legal has renewed, so if you’re already approved, you can start driving traffic immediately.

This form requires only 2 fields, Name & Phone Number, so it converts like clappers!

Not yet signed up? Log in and apply to run this perennial performer.



Debt Eraser is also back, if you’ve run this before you know the new year is just the best time for this offer to perform.

Unfortunately, overindebtedness is something many South Africans live with.

If your site is general consumer traffic, finance or loan related, this offer is virtually guaranteed to print money!





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Kaspersky has launched a special promo, exclusive to OfferForge.

With every purchase consumers get 3 extra months free, translating into a 20% saving.

Banners and landing pages have been loaded, so if you’re running this offer already, no need to change creative. If you’re not yet picked it up, log in and grab your banners now.

Mid-Jan affiliate program updates

What keeps you awake at night?

So for me it turns out, aside from the neighbors cat, what keeps me up is when I skip my weekend mailer and it bugs me like crazy that I haven’t updated you on the status of all our offers 😉
Jan might be a long month for most of us, but finance offers are on fire! I recommend you check out the finance offers. Credit/Store cards, loans & debt assistance are just killing it on Facebook, Display & Email. Even SMS (if you’ve got opt-in data) will result in high responses.

I was asked to explain Host-n-Post last week for those of you that haven’t yet worked with it, thanks for that question, Jaco V! I’ll be putting up a video on how to use host-n-Post in the next day or so. Subscribe on Youtube or like us on Facebook to get updated as soon as I put it up.

To run any of these offers, log in, grab the code or apply to run the offer and you’ll all set.

Offer Name Trackinge Payout
Consumer Rewards Lead Formm R3.50
SA Rewards – CPL Pixel R3.50
SA Consumer Short Competitions Lead Formm R3.50
Bidvest – SMS Only Lead Formm R34.00
Mahindra – HLF Lead Formm R80.00
Credit Card
RCS – Game Stores Credit Card – CPA Pixel R25.50
RCS – Makro Card – CPA Pixel R25.50
RCS Credit Card Pixel R70.00
Cyber Finance – HLF Lead Formm R35.00
Debt Eraser – (HLF) Lead Formm R40.00
Finance & Loans
Boodle – CPS Pixel R10.00
HopOn Loans – CPA Pixel R15.00
TransUnion – CPS Pixel R30.00
Wealthy Ever After – CPA Pixel R525.00
RCS Loans Pixel R70.00
UApply Pixel R30.00
Practical Pips – CPA Pixel R250.00
Alexander Forbes – Life Lead Formm R50.00
Clientele Hospital – Web Only Lead Formm R21.00
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – SMS Only Lead Formm R20.00
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – Web Only Lead Formm R20.00
KingPrice – CPL Pixel R100.00
Clientele Hospital – EMAIL ONLY Lead Formm R21.00
Clientele Hospital – SMS ONLY Lead Formm R21.00
Different Life – (HLF) Lead Formm R55.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – Email Only Lead Formm R30.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – SMS Only Lead Formm R30.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – Web Only Lead Formm R30.00
Iwyze – (HLF) Lead Formm R72.00
My Personal Broker Lead Formm R70.00
Only Us – CPL Pixel R15.00
SA Taxi – HLF Lead Formm R36.00
Scorpion Legal – (HLF) Lead Formm R24.00
Triarc – HLF Lead Formm R80.00
Online Shopping
BestBranding – CPS Pixel 3.00 % (R)
Bid Or Buy – (CPS – p) Pixel R60.00
BuyFast Pixel 3.00 % (R)
CashBag Rewards Pixel R15.00
CSA PhotoBooks Pixel 6.00 % (R)
DateFactory – CPS Pixel R24.50
DirtBody – CPS Pixel 20.00 % (R)
DotTech – CPS Pixel 10.00 % (R)
Flowers – (CPS – p) Pixel 12.00 % (R)
Happy Tails Box Pixel 7.00 % (R)
Hunter SA – CPS Pixel 7.00 % (R)
JuiceBubble – CPS Pixel 10.00 % (R)
Kaspersky – (CPS – p) Pixel 20.00 % (R)
LockLatch – CPS  Pixel 7.00 % (R)
Mantality – (CPS – p) Pixel 10.00 % (R)
Netflorist – (CPS) Pixel 10.00 % (R)
Netflorist – (CPS) – Malaysia Pixel 10.00 % (RM)
Netflorist – (CPS) – Singapore Pixel 10.00 % ($)
NetReady Ignition Pixel $63.00
PoshPatterns – CPS Pixel 12.00 % (R)
ProGifts (CPS – p) Pixel 10.00 % (R)
RapidStudio – CPS Pixel 7.00 % (R)
SweetBouquet – CPS Pixel 12.00 % (R)
The Footwear Warehouse – CPS  Pixel 2.00 % (R)
Property & Security
Property Fox – HLF Lead Formm R60.00
React Alarms – HLF Lead Formm R15.00
RoutePerfect – CPA Pixel $50.00

RCS Store Cards Lead Generation exclusively on OfferForge

Christmas 2016 is officially STAYCATION SEASON.
Our Web Traffic Stats are showing that either SA is staying home or they’ve taken the web with them on vacation 😉

The silly season is also the perfect time to promote retail credit offers on your website, social pages or opt-in email.

Which Brand would you Prefer?

  • RCS Store Credit Card
  • CAPE UNION MART Store Credit Card
  • GAME Store Credit Card
  • QUEENSPARK Store Credit Card
  • SUPAQUICK Store Credit Card

email1 email2 email3


RCS Store cards are the undisputed leaders in Retail Credit, and with so many branded cards to choose from, applications are converting exceedingly well.

Did you Know?:  Consumers can use an RCS Card anywhere RCS is accepted, not just at their branded store.

EMAIL, BANNERS & TEXT LINKS available.  Drop me a mail and I’ll get you set up and send you your personalized links.

Competition of the week – R1000 Chocolate Hamper

Chocolate hamper up for grabs

This week`s competition needs little introduction, it`s just absolutely mouth-watering and most probably one of the best competitions so far…it`s a R1000 Chocolate Hamper!

chocolate hamper banner

SA Consumer Short Competitions (11228)

Payout: You will be paid R3.50 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic:
Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

I really don`t think this needs much of an explanation, the lucky winner will win loads and loads of super yummy chocolate!

Brand new creatives are available in the Creative section of the offer. If you are looking to mail this offer then let us know, we will get you set up.

Variety is one of the best options when it comes to campaigns you run as an affiliate. This competition is really something different should convert well with most audiences.

Remember that you will get paid for ever unique competition entry.