Creating an Affiliate Network for An E-Commerce Giant

A longstanding and continuously developing client of OfferForge, Netflorist, has been a partner of ours since 2008. As one of South Africa’s leading E-commerce platforms, Netflorist has officially established itself as the go-to gifting platform and online flower supplier. One aspect of marketing did however remain untouched throughout their journey into the E-commerce environment. Our collaboration with them inevitably their already successful marketing efforts to the affiliate realm and, in turn, assisted in driving their success to this day.

New Beginnings.

The 90s in South Africa was a time of internet exploration. Dial-up connections, HTML sites, and online chat rooms were just making their impact in the country. With the opportunity to undertake business through an online platform, Netflorist saw the opportunity to create and engage in the all-new E-commerce realm. With this decision (as many early adopters can agree) trial and error as well as time became an immediate priority.

With the adaptation to the online world taking its course, the marketing of their business began. The product was good, the customer base was primed and ready to buy, and the foundation for their firm was officially laid. The only inconvenience in this snowballing journey of success was the inability to be in the face of every possible customer (which was all but every South African) at all times.

With the propulsion of growth and opportunity right in front of them, Netflorist sought out a partner.

A Partnership & Diversified Marketing Approach.

During this time, the affiliate marketing industry was on its way to being established in South Africa. OfferForge took to the market in 2005, and Netflorist was an immerging business with immense traction.

The partnership in which we engaged was simply to run the affiliate program for their firm. With the constrictions of time and our expertise, the partnership only made sense. With the brand already being established, all that was necessary was a conduit for their own affiliate network.

We took to the task and began recruiting the right publishers, spreading the correct collateral, and driving sales directly to the Netflorist brand.

What was delivered saw immense conversions, sales transactions, and the raising of Netflorist’s brand name and identity across the affiliate world.

Years of Teamwork.

Since 2008, we have been the leading affiliate marketing network associate for Netflorist. Driving a massive proponent for their business and building a network of brand awareness as well as lead generation capacity.

Our approach to any client remains the same to this day: Let us help utilize the beauty of affiliate marketing to your benefit. Our experience in this industry is one that goes hand in hand with the success of all parties.

Not only do we ensure our affiliate network remains sufficiently satisfied, but our client base as well.

If you’re interested in sharing the same story as Netflorist and partnering with the leaders of affiliate marketing in Africa, give us a call or simply click here.

We look forward to partnering with you.