King Price launches QUICKLEAD Advertising Program exclusive to OfferForge

Gone are the days of old fashioned banner ads!
You’re invited to join the exclusive new King Price QUICK LEAD Advertising Program.

King Price have replaced old style banners with embedded “inline” forms that fit any website and merge beautifully with your content.
They also convert up to 6 times beter than traditional banners!

Old banners entice your visitors to click away from your site, while our our new ads have embedded the lead form, so your visitor never leaves your site.

That’s right. Your visitors DON’T LEAVE your site.

The highly effective ads display a branded form containing just 2 fields, name & phone.
Once completed, the ad confirms registration in the ad, leaving your visitor free to continue browsing your site.

970×90 (full page top or bottom bar)
728×90 (leaderboard)
300×250 (medium rectangle)
160×600 (wide skyscraper)

To start running these banners log into your OfferForge affiliate account, navigate to the King Price Insurance (11000) offer and browse the creatives for ‘QUICKLEAD Banner Form’ or just reply to this mail and we’ll send you a mail with all the banner files.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Publisher Account Manager.

Different Life launches affiliate program on OfferForge

Using a unique online platform, Different Life offers life insurance with a difference. They enable anybody at anytime to get a comprehensive range of insurance products with just a few clicks. From getting a quote to purchasing a policy, the whole process is friendly and easy to use.

Different Life believes that buying an insurance policy is something you should feel good about.  Not just because you’re protecting your loved ones, but because you’re joining them in impacting someone else’s life.  Your first premium – and the first premium every year – will become a Different Donation, allocated to a good cause of your choice through

The insurance industry has always been a favorite among affiliates and offers great earning potential.

Log into OfferForge and apply to run this affiliate program offer today!

Debt Rescue launches affiliate program on OfferForge

New affiliate program from Debt Rescue

We are pleased to announce that the Debt Rescue offer is now available on the OfferForge affiliate program network!

The affiliate program for Debt Rescue will enable your referrals to become debt free:

  • One affordable monthly installment
  • Credit providers communicate with us, not you
  • The NCA can protect you from being blacklisted
  • Installment amounts are reduced
  • Repayment periods get extended

In hard economic times in South Africa, this type of affiliate marketing program is an ideal solution to both publishers and consumers.

Apply to run this offer today!

Their affiliate program will pay for unique leads generated. There is always room for debt offers in the South African marketing. The country is one of the most over indebted in the world, and sometimes a bit of help is needed to rectify the problem.

There are a number of insurance affiliate marketing programs you can run on The debt offers however apply to loads of South African consumers and lead generation in this vertical is always popular with affiliates.

To get the different creatives, you can simply log in to your affiliate account and navigate to the offer. It is a great way to make money online from the traffic that you have on your website.

homechoice launches affiliate program in OfferForge

Honmechoice affiliate program on Offerforge

Welcome to the ultimate in online shopping in SA, where you can earn commission through the new Homechoice affiliate program.

homechoice was founded in 1985 with a vision to provide convenient, safe and exciting home shopping. Today we are the leading direct marketing home ware retailer in Southern Africa offering you an outstanding shopping experience.

They offer a vast range of products which includes bedding, curtains, towels, cookware, dinnerware, appliances, electronics, luggage and furniture.

Plus an easy payment plan – Choice Credit – which is the perfect way to help you spread the cost. If you need more than just easy payment terms, homechoice has a financial service company called FinChoice that offers flexible and convenient personal loans.

Run this offer today!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your site and turn those pageviews into cash.

There are a number of great sales offers that we have available for you to run in our affiliate system. This is however the one that has constantly yielded the biggest volume of sales for affiliates. Not only does it yield good sales, but also great commissions.

If you want to make more money online, then these are the type of offers you should definitely be running.

We look forward to paying you massive commissions every month!

Debtsafe affiliate offer back in OfferForge

Debtsafe affiliate program

We are pleased to inform you that the DebtSafe affiliate program offer is once again running in OfferForge.

Customer Benefits:

A registered debt counselor will review and restructure your referrals’ credit obligations to an affordable level. The debt review process will result in a court order which will protect them from their creditors.

The National Credit Act prescribes Debt Counseling as a legal remedy for over indebtedness. This takes into account all accounts on a consumers name, and looks at his/her credit profile holistically.

Please note that you will need to apply and be approved to run this offer.

OfferForge launches new Affiliate Marketing Portal

New Affiliate Marketing Portal Launched

Have you checked out the new OfferForge Affiliate Marketing Portal?

It’s a radical departure from previous versions, with a streamlined design and simplified navigation.

There are 3 main tabs on the left navigation to access your Dashboard, Offers & Reports.


This is the default landing page when you log in.  On the dashboard we’ve included 4 widgets to show you campaign, creative & overall performance summaries.  Don’t worry if they’re blank when you first log in, as soon as you start delivering traffic the reports will populate.

There’s even an UPDATES twitter feed widget, where we’ll be sharing new offers, creative updates and other relevant info.


This tab will display all affiliate marketing offers currently open to you.  Any active offer will display as a link while inactive offers will show as greyed out.  Don’t worry, we’re activating more offers each day as our advertisers confirm they’re tracking.

If you’re missing out on offers or want to run an active offer you’re not approved for, reach out to your affiliate manager or log a support ticket.


The reports tab lets you access detailed reporting on sales, pending transactions and sub-id information.  I’ll dedicate another post to all the new features this adds to our affiliate program.  Once you see the new reporting I’m confident you’ll love it!

Latest News

If you got to this page, chances are you hit the latest news tab.  It’s a feed from our network blog and we’ll continue to update it with new offer info, helpful hints and guest blogger articles.

Let us know what you think!  Tweet us @offerforge or drop us a mail.

Online Contact Lenses Affiliate Program for

Contact Lenses affiliate program launched

The contact lenses affiliate program for has been launched on!

“I’m sick of running out and having to order from my optometrist.  Takes days”

“Ugh, I have to keep them in extra long and they become all scratchy”

“Time to look like a nerd again and wear glasses for a week”

These are just some of the responses you can expect from a contact lens wearer, when asked about the hassle of refilling prescription contact lens orders.

Now consumers have an alternative in  Offering a hassle-free online ordering process they’ll store prescriptions and send out orders as and when you need them.  Delivery is free anywhere in SA!

LensesOnly has launched it’s South African Affiliate Marketing Program on and is offering a whopping 7% of sale.  Even considering how affordable LensesOnly are, the commission value alone is mid double digits!

Planet Fitness Launches Affiliate Program on

Planet Fitness Affiliate Program

We’re pumped to welcome fitness industry heavyweights and all round health fanatics Planet Fitness to the network.

Planet Fitness is offering week’s free gym membership  and R450 in vouchers.
Planet Fitness affiliate program

So, if you know folks who want to get buff for summer, this is the offer for you!

You’ll earn a handsome CPA for each new customer that signs up to Planet Fitness.

So, do some good, help your audience get ripped for summer and earn in the process!

Check out the Landing Page

We’ve got creative in all major sizes including leaderboard, skyscrapers, boxes and buttons.

View creative now

The health industry in South Africa is growing rapidly and there are wonderful opportunities coming out of it for digital marketers.

More and more South Africans are becoming conscious of their health. You can make money online by promoting a healthier lifestyle to them.

The two parts needed in living a healthy live is exercise and healthy eating. Through this affiliate program you will offer them access to the first key they need.

SishaFax launches innovative new Affiliate Program

SishaFax, the undisputed leaders in Fax2Email solutions has launched a unique new affiliate program on  What makes this program different is that affiliates earn a fee for every minute of usage.

So, how do affiliates earn from a free service?  That’s the  secret telecommunications business model, revealed here first!  Whenever a fax is sent, the person sending it pays the regular telecoms charges and the recipient gets a free fax, converted and sent to their email address.

Sisha, who are globally contracted by telecoms companies to administer this service,  share the revenue generated through their affiliate program. The revenue share option on a service like this can turn into a substantial recurring income. This makes it an attractive proposition over lead generation and normal cost per sales that only results in earning a once off income.

Every time a fax is received by a consumer, the affiliate that activated the number will earn a portion of the telecommunications cost, for the life of the customer.

The revenue stacks up pretty quickly.  Imagine having just 500 numbers, getting an average of 10 faxes each per day.  That would generate over 120,000 minutes each month translating into earnings of almost R20,000 monthly.

Why consumers love SishaFax

  1. No more lost paper faxes, everything is sent to your email address, for safe storage.
  2. It’s free, no strings attached.
  3. Your personal fax number follows you for ever, even if you change jobs, cities or countries.

How to Market this Service

We’ve combined the marketing with an awesome ‘Win a trip to Mauritius’ competition, open to everyone that registers for the service.  The prize is valued at R50,000 and competition landing page is converting at over 29%.

Once you refer a new fax user, they’ll get a sequence of mails designed to get them to activate and use the service.  The more they use it the more you earn!

Affiliates are eligible for participation in the competition as well.

Sales Reporting

Each morning Sisha transmits the previous day’s usage data to the affiliate system, so you’ll see daily ‘sales’ reported in the program.  The number of minutes captured is reported as the Sales Value.  Your commissions are calculated daily on this amount at the per-minute rate, currently 16c per minute.

Get Started Now by visiting the Affiliate Program Page in OfferForge.coom

e-Multishops launches sales campaign in Offerforge

Friends & Fellow athletes, e-Multishops is the ultimate sales affiliate program which lets you help others reach their personal physical goals. We all know someone looking to boost their confidence by gaining more muscle or lose that extra weight. The best part, you can now promote e-multishops product such as anabol, sustanon, trenbolone and get paid for doing so. Oh and it’€™s legal.

Why get paid only once if you can get paid multiple times, right? With a 90 day cookie, you now earn a commission for every purchase your users make within 90 days. Let e-Multishops do the heavy merchandising and deliveries and you get paid.

Run this campaign today!

The huge earning potential of a sales affiliate program

What turns sales affiliate programs into such powerful earners is the high commission you can earn. This especially comes into play if you get repeat business from customers. Many of the online stores offer a multitude of items for sale. This just posts you chances of making money online as it would appeal to a wider range of consumers.