How do affiliates get paid?


Lead Pricing & Update Process

Leads captured into our systems are updated either in real-time (if they’re sold on a cost-per-lead or cost per acquisition basis) or post-month if the advertiser has to provide revenue reporting and manually update lead values.

Where possible we associate the leads back into the conversion date, so the revenue shows in the month he lead was posted.

If this is not possible, for instance if we receive lead data too late, we then update the conversion date to the date we enter the revenue data and update the lead values on the capture date.



Payments are made automatically on a net 45 basis, provided you meet the minimum payment threshold and your banking info has been added to the system.  Our minimum threshold to receive payment is ZAR500, unless you selected a higher payout value.  If you’re paid in any other currency, the currency equivalent is the minimum.

Only publishers that require WIRE TRANSFERS (international publishers) or VAT registered vendors (South African publishers) are required to send invoices.

All other publishers are paid automatically and we generate invoices on your behalf, which are lodged in our systems.


South African publishers:

  • Are paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer).
  • On the 15th of each month we pay for the finalized period before.
  •  ONLY If you are VAT registered you must issue a VAT invoice to:



OfferForge (Pty) Ltd.
VAT number 4890284021.
PO Pox 67788, Highveld, 0169.


Remit invoice to:  [email protected].


International publishers:

  • Are paid by Paypal or Wire in SA Rand or International currency equivalent.
  • On the 15th of each month we pay for the finalized period before
  • If you require Wire Transfers we need an invoice from you made out to our company including your wire transfer Information
  • Invoices to be issued to:


OfferForge (Pty) Ltd.
VAT number 4890284021.
PO Pox 67788, Highveld, 0169.

Remit invoice to:  [email protected].



Changing your Bank Info

This is ONLY necessary if you change banking info.  The interface does NOT display your banking info on record, this is a security feature.

In the PAYMENT INFO Tab  in the main interface add your new Banking Information by no later than the 7th of the month.

Accounts with no payment information will accrue until payment information is added.  We will however notify you if you don’t have a valid bank account on file and will request you to update your account.  Accounts with incorrect / failed banking information will incur processing fees.


BILLS.  How to see how much you’re getting paid.

Approved Bills can be seen in the BILLS section of your interface on the dashboard.

The amount may vary from the monthly reporting because the financial reconciliation of accrued payments is based on the date that leads and sales are approved by Advertisers not the date they take place.

For instance, if a sale is made on the 20th of a month and is approved on the 7th of the following month, it becomes financially effective on the 7th and is included in that month’s billing, but in the stats shows in the month the sale first happened.

This can seem confusing, but it’s done to ensure we don’t ever have to ‘backdate stats’ and change them if commissions are approved late or reversed.

If you need to issue an invoice to us, use the APPROVED BILLS amount for the month you need to issue bills for.

For further info, contact your account manager.


There are a number of various payout structures in affiliate marketing. See below a list of these together with a brief description:

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

  • An advertiser pays a fixed amount per successful lead delivered
  • This model demands high quality leads because if the leads do not convert the advertiser ends up paying for zero value

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

  • An advertiser pays a certain amount for each SALE that is made on leads delivered
  • A common model is to pay ‘2P’
  • P refers to the premium amount
  • If a Life Insurer sells a life product with a monthly premium of R500, the affiliate will be paid R1000 (R500 x 2)

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

  • This works in a similar fashion to a CPA model except it is tailored to e-commerce offers
  • The retailer pays an agreed % of sale to affiliates
  • Let’s say an affiliate directs a customer to and this customer makes a purchase of R1000; and the agreement is that NetFlorist pays 10% of sale value
  • The affiliate will be paid R100 (R1000 x 10%) for the sale

Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • An advertiser pay’s an affiliate for each click on their ad
  • The ad could be a banner/email or text link, it depends on what the agreement with the advertiser
  • IN most cases only unique clicks are paid for, meaning if the same person clicks on an ad 5 times the affiliate will only be paid once