CATEGORIES – Finance & Loans

CURRENCY – South Africa Rand (R) 


RESTRICTIONS – The following credit-risk criteria are to be adhered to:

  • The consumer’s net monthly income is not less than R7500.00 per month
  • The consumer does not have credit bureau impairment i.e. not under Debt Counselling and/or Administration and not negative listings such as Default Judgment or Notices
  • Where there is access to a credit bureau file, we require a TransUnion Empirica score (or equivalent) of not less than 585
  • The consumer is aged between 19 and 65.

Additional criteria:

  • Has a valid RSA ID Number
  • Has access to internet banking
  • Has verifiable income for the last 90 days.

FASTA – The New Way to Pay

FASTA Affiliate Program Powered by Affiliate Network

Consumers apply online and get approval in minutes. Our online application is 100% self-service, quick and easy to use.

FASTACash: it’s a cash loan so customers can use it anywhere.

FASTACard: it’s virtual, safe and secure. Can be used anywhere in SA that Mastercard is accepted – online, in-store and with payment apps.

We don’t lock customers into lengthy credit agreements.

They can repay their loan in monthly instalments (not weekly like some short-term lenders), over 1, 2 or 3 months.

If you have trouble finding creative or approved subject lines, please contact us for help.

Program Updates

Launch (ID:#11626)
We’re proud to announce the launch of FASTA!