PAYOUT – 0,001 – payout is updated to the actual sold value once reports are returned from buyers

CATEGORIES – Insurance

CURRENCY – South Africa Rand (R) 


RESTRICTIONS – Please contact your account manager to request the API instructions.  You will need to integrate the API into your website to post leads in realtime.

No Aged Leads

No Leads may be submitted without the consumers express consent to a credit check.

All leads must be opted in, POPI compliant &  have proof of POPI and ECT ACT consent.

uApply Affiliate Program Powered by Affiliate Network is your one-stop finance destination.  Paying affiliates the highest payouts on an ever expanding range of products including loans, insurance, fibre, medical and debt leads.

We even have WhiteLabel LEAD FORMS.  Embed the form in your site or if you have an existing API, Send your leads to multiple buyers with one single API.

We’re integrated to multiple banks, lenders & insurers to optimise your performance and delivery.

Reporting is added either in realtime, daily, weekly or post-month.

Current Buyers include:

  • Ubank / ULoans 4%
  • Direct Axis 1.2%
  • Bayport 5%
  • Maxlaw R1.30 CPL
  • Nedbank Variable
  • Fnb Variable
  • Capitec Variable
  • African Bank Variable
  • Ubank Variable

You are paid on the sale of the lead or customer sale.

Commissions vary depending on product and are added though batch updates.

The 0,001 payout is updated to the actual sold value once reports are returned from buyers.

Why use uApply?

We have multiple buyers, increasing your chance of earning revenue.

If you have trouble finding creative or approved subject lines, please contact us for help.

Program Updates

Following API loan campaigns have resumed / are running

The following API*based loan campaigns have resumed / are running, though the uApply lead post:

  • UBank
  • Lime24 Loans
  • Direct Axis

To take advantage of these campaigns, make sure you’re sending all data through your API.

If you don’t have an API post set up and currently have a POPI Compliant Loan Application Form, reach out to us to set up your form.

*mansplain / geeksplain alert: for those of you not familiar with an API post – that’s specifically for finance websites that already have their own loan and debt forms. They already have a lead gathering process and when they capture the data they API (that’s fancy wording for send it to us through a programmatic post). We accept the posted data and then route it to all the banks we work with for the affiliate publisher. The banking partner accepts the lead if they don’t already have it, and money flows!



  • This sweet little form, which you can put on your website comes in many sizes.
  • We have 2 versions, a Loan & a Debt Relief form.
  • Your visitors can fill it in ON YOUR SITE without ever leaving your website, so it’s just as if you had your OWN API!
  • You get all the benefits without any of the tech hassles.
  • We have this form in FULL PAGE, HALF PAGE, in fact, most sizes. There’s even one with a slider to choose how much money you want.
If you’d like to embed our easy to use one-step form on your site follow these steps:
1. Find the Offer (11213 in the Offers Card and apply to run it.
2. Once approved open the offer card and accept the Terms and Conditions.
3. Read the Basic Info and Click on the Creatives Tab.
4. Choose any of the Embedded Lead Forms, we offer and click the GET CODE button.
5. When the code popup appears don’t copy that link, Click the DONE button.
6. Your HTML will be generated and displayed.
7. Copy the HTML, paste into your website, wherever you want your form to be displayed.
CALL 087 231 0377 or email [email protected] for assistance in getting your code set up.

Great news just in – Leads4U & uApply Joining Forces

This is an important notice to let you know that the Leads4U (11213) and the various Product Specific Affiliate Programs are joining forces.

These include:

(11533) uApply Car Gap Cover
(11530) uApply Debt
(11532) uApply Funeral Cover
(11531) uApply Life Insurance
(11529) uApply Loans
(11566) uApply Medical Cover

The Leads4U program was previously only accessible to API based affiliates, while was for web traffic.

With the amalgamation of the programs the new program will handle both the API and Web traffic in a single program.


All the individual program links will be redirected to the new program, which is now named (11213)

This program has the following creative available to affiliates:

– Banners
– Text Links
– Email Creative (approval on request)
– Whitelabel leads forms (to host on your own site)
– API lead posting instructions (to integrate into your own site – approval on request)

Products available:

– Payday Loans (R500 – R20,000)
– Long Term Loans (R20,000 – R250,000)
– Debt Management
– Car & Household Insurance
– Life Insurance
– Medical Aid & Gap Cover
– Funeral Cover
– Mobile Phone Contracts

Launch (ID:#11213)
We’re proud to announce the launch of!