How to Publish for Profit – Collecting Tracking Links

Now that you’ve joined OfferForge and are ready to start earning, you need to place ads. To get  you started we’ve compiled a handy step-by-step guide to help you along the way.

The first step is identifying advertisers and placing their ads on your site. Selecting the right ads for your website is critical, as you want to ensure the advertisers you partner with are relevant to your visitors and match your content.   Luckily OfferForge has advertisers in virtually every industry, so you’re sure to find a good match.

Once you’ve identified the advertisers you’d like to add to your site, you’re ready to place ads.



Login to the Affiliate Portal ( using your Username & Password.

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The benefits of building relationships with performance advertising partners

For many years there’s been a very simple mechanism for performance marketing: a customer clicks an advert on a website, performs and action and the publisher is paid for their part in the process.

However, if the customer returns and make a second or third purchase should the publisher not be entitled to their percentages of the revenue share?

high performance advertising and marketing


Online gaming and iGaming (online gambling) were the first industries to widely adopt relationship-level tracking, which is commonly known as “revenue share.” As technology developed and evolved, the gaming industry quickly saw the value of maintaining long-term relationships between their partner base and the consumers (players). Armed with the ability to maintain a relationship between a player and its associated partner, gaming companies now can build a stickier, more productive base of partners.

Traditionally each customer has the same value and in the new world of in-app purchases and monthly subscriptions this is actually an outdated metric. With a more advanced tracking and analytics platform, an enhanced ROI can be created and evaluated. By marrying the customer with the affiliate, advertisers can continue to tracking conversions past the initial sign-up.

ROI is obviously a useful metric however a more useful tool would be the Lifetime Value or LTV. Working out the value of a customer over the lifetime of their purchases shows you how much to spend on acquiring a customer and paying a publisher. This is a game changer in affiliate marketing.

In simple terms, you know that your Twitter campaign gained 10 new clients last week. On average, your gaming clients spend $15.75 per month and your customers usually play your game for six months before moving on. The Lifetime Value of the Twitter campaign is $945 (10 clients x $15.75 per month x 6 months). You should spend less than $94.50 per person ($945 ÷ 10 clients) to acquire a client via Twitter.

With greater information an advertiser can discover which channels provide the best value and how best to market their products. We can’t stress the importance of monitoring ROI, your sales funnel and clickthrough rates enough. If you want to turn your affiliate marketing efforts from generating money to printing money, you should learn from the analytics.

Affiliate Marketers VS Scammers

You know, I never cease to be amazed at the extent people will go to to scam others. But how do you differentiate them from honest affiliate marketers? I know there will always be gullible people who will fall for scams but I’ve never really understood the psychology that drives people to fall for them. I can can only imagine it’s either desperation or greed.

What does get me hot under the collar is when I see an old scam that’s been doing the rounds for years now pop up as an “affiliate opportunity” to earn  “unlimited income”. These totally unethical and even illegal methods cause untold damage to our industry’s reputation.

Today a mailer crossed my desk offering me yet another such an “once in a life-time” opportunity.  All I had to do was pay the 3 accounts listed and then add my own bank account to the list and send it off to all my friends.  To make matters worse, it was sent to me by an affiliate marketer, obviously one desperate enough to try anything!

Seriously,  Wow.

My dad always told me “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” and I live by this rule.

It's too good to be true, because its a scam

Please don’t EVER, EVER put your bank details on an email in the hope you’ll get rich. All you’ll do is open yourself up to identity theft, further harm and possibly even criminal action from the next sucker it’s sent to.  To be successful, start by educating yourself, put in the time to learn the industry and gain experience, find a niche you’re passionate about and stick with it –  in time you’ll reap the rewards.

Offerforge launches Action-Based pixel tracking

As an advertiser you may potentially have the need to payout different amounts for different actions. For example, consider an advertiser who is collecting lead information for a home mortgage campaign. This advertiser may want to pay out more for leads that have higher credit scores than for ones with poor credit scores. This feature will enable advertisers to set up separate payout amounts depending on whether each lead’s action is designated “Good”, “Average” or “Poor”.

Another application example is in the casual gaming or micropayments markets where an advertiser wants to pay referral fees based on actions such as registration, activity or in-app purchase.

Action-Based Pixel tracking is the latest update to OfferForge’s current pixel structure that will allow for payout values to be set up on a per-campaign basis. The advertiser can set multiple levels of payout values and this feature can be useful for cases in which an advertiser would like to pay a different rate per lead/sale depending on the situation that is tracked.

To use Action-Based Tracking, you will first need to set up the actions that you would like to have available in your campaign. Next, each action should be assigned the appropriate payout. The actions tracked will then be viewable in the admin, affiliate, and advertiser interfaces of OfferForge.

Any lead or sale which you would like to receive an Action-Based payout will need to have an Action Keyword assigned to it at the time it is tracked. Currently this can be accomplished with pixel tracking and also for leads and sales imported through the advertiser interface.

In order to track a lead or a sale from a OfferForge pixel fire, your advertiser’s thank you page will need to append that value to the end of the pixel using the query string &action=[Action Keyword].

Dial Direct launches affiliate offer

Dial Direct has been an industry leader within the South African insurance marketplace. Year on year, the continued growth of Dial Direct remains the soundest proof that the philosophy of simple, smart insurance really does work.

Their affiliate program runs on a cost per lead (CPL) basis and you will earn a set cost for every qualified lead that you send through.

Dial Direct affiliate campaign: cost per lead

Dial Direct has the backing of holding company, Dial Direct UK, an established, reputable player in the European insurance market for almost a decade. This international expertise enables them to offer South Africans an international standard of short term insurance, with a nationwide, South African infrastructure. It also allows them to constantly keep abreast of trends abroad, bringing regular product innovations to the South African market.

Start earning today by picking up this campaign.

The affiliate offers available in the financial sector are always lucrative to affiliate marketers. Working on a cost per lead basis you will get paid for every lead generated.

Future Health launches CPS campaign

Future Health is premium range of nutraceuticals scientifically formulated to assist healthy ageing and to counter degenerative diseases. Future Health’s new cost per sale (CPS) campaign launched on Offerforge helps connect affiliate marketers with the brand effectively.

The global nutraceuticals market is expected to reach $250 Billion by 2018*. With the nutraceutical market in South Africa growing strongly year on year, Future Health is ideally positioned through its wide range of high quality products to meet the consumer demand head on.

FutureHealth launches cost per sale affiliate campaign

About Future Health

The future of medicine depends on an integrative approach to counter degenerative disease and promote healthy ageing.

At Future Health we believe the huge diagnostic and therapeutic base of conventional medicine needs to integrate the benefits of supplementary medical interventions with neutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle adjustments.

For us the future is about customising and tailoring the supplements, nutriceuticals, bio-identical hormones and conventional allopathic treatments in accordance with this exclusive footprint of the individual. We know this is the only way to stem the tide and destruction of degenerative diseases.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are food or food products that provide health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Choosing the right nutracueticals can also help optimise your food intake while protecting you against various physical and environmental threats and/or mental and emotional challenges.

Your referrals have to purchase any product from the wide range of items on offer. You will earn a commission on any of the sales generated through your affiliate links.
View the store page here.

For more information related to the global health movement see this article

Start earning today by picking up this campaign.

View Landing Page

One of the strongest verticals in affiliate marketing is the health industry and it offers immense earning potential for advertisers.

Standard Bank Elite banking launches CPC program

affiliate offer from Standard Bank

We have a new cost per click program for Standard Bank Elite Banking. This exciting offer gives you the opportunity as an affiliate to work with a top South African brand.

Standard Bank Elite Banking Offers:

  • An Elite Current account with a choice of three pricing options
  • A Gold MasterCard or Visa Cheque card (Chip and Pin enabled) for your day-to-day purchases, so there’s no need to carry cash around
  • A Gold MasterCard credit card (Chip and Pin enabled) with a flexible limit for worldwide purchases. Straight or budget, it’s your choice.
  • Access to an overdraft facility linked to your Elite Current account to ensure additional funds are available when you need them
  • Access to the dedicated Elite Line and Email Unit exclusively for Elite banking customers to assist with your day-to-day banking needs and related queries
  • Access to a second Elite account for your spouse or life partner at half the price
  • Access through your Gold cards to exclusive offers and special deals negotiated for you as an Elite banking customer
  • The convenience of banking anywhere 24/7 with Internet, Telephone or Cellphone banking, not to mention our extensive ATM network
cpc affiliate campaign from Standard Bank

The offering is also being actively being promoted offline through billboards, in print as well as on television and radio. It is not often that affiliate marketing comes this easy. Serving these ads on your site will be some of the best converting you will have in a long time as so much legwork was done for you already before the person hit your site!

The CPC model is also ideal for site owners as it gives them the chance to just direct visitors in the right direction. The bank will take things from there.

Search vs Affiliate SEO – what are the facts

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords. That’s all I hear from my colleagues, that and the assumption that keywords are the most important part of SEO. Well, I disagree. I don’t believe keywords are the most important building block of SEO. Keyword phrases mean nothing unless they’re used in a specific, contextual environment.

If you think about it. Many search engine spammers use software programs to “borrow” content from competitor sites to generate doorway-page content. Do spam doorway pages generate high-quality search engine traffic and conversions? Not likely!!!  The contextual environment is substandard; therefore, the keyword phrases have little meaning.

Search Engine Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

The Meaning of Search

Interestingly, as the search industry has evolved, it seems the word “search” has come to mean only the querying process. In other words, type in two to three keywords into Google and get results — that’s search.

Search behavior doesn’t only encompass the querying process. Scanning is also a search process. When people view search results, they scan the page for information. When people click a search result to get to a Web page, they scan the Web page to determine whether or not the page’s content matches their search query.

People navigate Web sites. They look for visual cues that lead them in the right direction. Some of the visual cues are textual: titles, headings, etc. Some of the visual cues are graphical: navigation buttons, image maps, photos, etc. Browsing, reading, and scanning are also types of search behaviors.

This is where display advertising becomes an important component of your SEO strategy.  Having visually appealing, richly detailed content and imagery on affiliate sites will not only increase your inbound link popularity but also drive visitors from these sites to yours.

Affiliate management is a key ingredient of an effective SEO/SEM plan.   Affiliates, like search engine advertising, must be managed and equipped to succeed.  This involves educating and motivating them, providing them with relevant content and innovative offers and working as a team to deliver value.

Too many businesses set up affiliate programs and either appoint an intern or junior staffer to run the program.   Though some will succeed the majority of these programs will either fail or never reach critical mass.  This is where active, professional affiliate management can make the difference.

Harnessing the power of affiliates you will reduce your reliance on search engines for traffic, increase your advertising footprint at a negligible cost and  provide a platform to springboard your ecommerce business.

New click campaign: Work From Home – Easy Formula 4 Success

Work from Home affiliate program launched

Work From Home is an exciting new vertical.  Literally millions of people are looking for ways to earn more by working from home. It is possible to make money online from your home with minimal resources.

Easy Formula 4 Success is a free E-Book that sends Work From Home newsletters.

This affiliate campaign is available in South Africa and Australia.

The payout is R0,80 CPC and can be promoted using incentives, cpc, social media & banners.

There is always a place for a more diverse mix of creative on your site and it is sometimes surprising to see what works on different parts of your site.

As this affiliate marketing campaign is a CPC campaign it is 100% guaranteed to generate an income for you. The only thing you need to do is to have enough traffic and get enough people to click on it.

With other programs you need to then hope that it results in either a sale or a lead, but that’s not the case here.

Boodle campaign is live in OfferForge again

boodle campaign is live again

Boodle is back with an even better payout offer to you. Micro loans are a fast growing industry and Boodle offers Same-Day payouts on loans from R250.

Advertise Boodle and you can earn R40 per funded loan up to 50 per month.  Send 50 to 100 loans each month and you’ll earn R55 for all your loans.  100+ loans gets you R70 per loan irrespective of the loan value!

Cookie life 30 days
Display, Search, Email and Contextual allowed.
RealTime and imported tracking.

The enormous volume of micro loans that the South African market deals in every month is huge. If you decide to advertise Boodle as an affiliate, the above mentioned scale clearly shows the earning potential if you send through large volumes to them.

The more quality traffic you send through, the higher your commission earnings will be. Affiliate marketing in the financial sector has always been competitive, but the rewards have also always been great. Leverage your site traffic today and turn those pageviews into cash.

The popularity of affiliate offers related to loans is undeniable. As an affiliate you would be able to cash in on the need that exists in South Africa. The earning potential from these offers are huge.