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New Affiliate Offer: JuiceBubble

JuiceBubble is calling on lovers of all things nerdy, geeky and gaming! We have the perfect offer available that will guarantee a good chuckle when entering a room, yes we are talking about unique and funny T-shirts and hoodies.

You can find anything from Star Wars branded shirts up to our all time favourite, a T-rex trying to clap hands.

They are your go to shop for anything funny and unique, they don’t just have shirts, browsing through their site you can find Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobble heads, Bing Bang Theory Monopoly, Lego figurines and even a Batman USB drive.

Life’s too short for boring t-shirts and long queues so enter… JuiceBubble, the funny t-shirt people!

This offer is a cost per sale affiliate marketing offer. You will earn commission on every item sold.

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The state of South Africa’s online audience

The online audience in South Africa

The Digital Media & Marketing Association, in conjunction with their research partners Effective Measure have released some interesting new information on the state of South Africa’s internet population. According to the company:

The rise of digital content has given the consumer the gift of choice. Whether eclectic or highly specialised, the digital audience has more access to content range than ever before. But while the South African digital masses are viewing more pages with gusto, as Unique Browsers are up by 62.5% and Visits up by 83.5% year on year, the time they spend there is getting briefer. Keeping your audience engaged is now the biggest challenge and opportunity.

Effective Measure research shows that South Africa’s digital nation is spending more time online but across many more sites and significantly heading to their mobile. The core trends emerging are shorter stays pay per page and more access via mobile – the key triggers are brevity and instant access. The winners in this new paradigm will be the publishers that keep their audience sticky and loyal to whichever platform they are on. Engagement and the notion of stickiness needs to be top of mind for the publishing sector. A disconnect is emerging in the idea of what makes content powerful, from both the advertising and editorial realms, the game has changed and increasingly the old metrics cannot be applied.

Thankfully the report points out that it’s time for companies to look beyond just vanity metrics. Publishers have traditionally focused on selling ‘volume’ and ‘reach’ metrics (Page Impressions and Unique Browsers) of their sites to agencies, and agencies have been taught to also ask for these metrics to get a feel for how big a certain site is. Yet, these days a site can be built to serve millions of Page Impressions potentially taking the user a very long journey which might not actually help the user experience.

Some further information on the growth of digital in South Africa:

digital growthThere’s even a useful infographic:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.54.38 AM

Moral of the story: if you want to target a wide range of South African’s, online is the answer. Download the rest of the report on the DMMA website and contact us for the best way to target a local audience.

regardless of what your goals are with your digital marketing efforts, there are online audiences craving for your content. It is the only truly measurable medium for lead generation, online sales and brand marketing. The ability to have easy to understand metrics around your lead generation efforts for example will help you to save huge amounts in the short term and in the long term. It makes it possible for you to adjust your approach with much more agility.

Mobile usage of Facebook and Twitter keep growing

No turning back: mobile usage is taking over

When Facebook first listed of the stock exchange their share price took a pounding due to a general lack of mobile strategy. Things have changed and Facebook has massively embraced mobile adverts. Mobile usage is growing massively in developed nations and Africa is already way ahead of the pack.

In the US, a primarily “desktop first” market the growth of mobile is massive. eMarketer did a study recently on how mobile social media usage is growing:

US mobile phone twitter users and penetration

As we can see from the stats above the growth of mobile Twitter users is going to increase around five million users a year. If you take a look at the red line on the graph you can see total mobile phone social network users. The number as a percentage doesn’t change for the simple reason that there is such a massive growth in total mobile users.

The stats for Twitter pale in comparison to Mobile Facebook usage. In the US just shy of 100 million Americans will access their Facebook account via mobile phone at least monthly. Nearly all mobile social network users will use Facebook via mobile. The overall mobile Facebook population will increase by more than 50% between this year and 2017. In 2013, 99% of all people will access Facebook on their mobile.

US mobile usage stats: mobile phone facebook users and penetration

Local social media stats are completely skewed towards mobile. Here’s some stats from South Africa according to World Wide Worx on mobile usage:

  1. South Africa’s Twitter user base doubled this year, and Facebook is near saturation for connected SA consumers.
  2. Instagram use has shot up, closely tied to Twitter as consumers share photos across the platforms.
  3. Social bookmarking site use has plummeted, including Delicious, Digg, Friendfeed and StumbleUpon.
  4. LinkedIn remains on a slow but steady growth curve in SA, with 20% growth from 2012.
  5. Google Plus uptake has flattened in South Africa – at approximately 500,000 active users.
  6. Executives buy into social: lack of management understanding is a much smaller barrier to entry in 2013.
  7. Largest barrier to social media brand success remains effective time management of the channels.
  8. 58% of major SA brands are now utilising Youtube as a marketing and communications medium.
  9. Of SA’s biggest brands surveyed, 92% post at least once a week to their social profiles.
  10. 53% of social channels managed by marketing team; only 16% of brands outsource it to 3rd parties. The remaining 31% is handled by a mix of PR teams, individuals and other tactics. “It’s generally viewed as too strategic to outsource, or that 3rd parties [are] too remote to resolve customer issues,”.

If you aren’t pushing heavily into mobile you’re in for a long next few years. The largest shift in traffic in the digital space is to mobile usage and it is snowballing! There are countless opportunities for affiliate marketing professionals in the mobile market. More and more time is also being sent on social media using purely mobile devices.

The challenge to everyone in the digital marketing space is embracing this change and working with it. If you want to make sure that your lead generation campaigns are yielding proper returns, you need to go where your consumers are.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with different forms of media. They have however all but cut out traditional advertising mediums (print, television ads, radio ads and billboards). Every owner of a smartphone spends a lot of time browsing and interacting with content on their mobile phones. The key to your future success with any lead generation campaigns, cost per sale campaigns and any affiliate marketing in general will probably rely heavily on how well you embrace mobile.

Will we be seeing the end of free online content?

For many years we’ve heard the debate that online content is killing traditional publishers. As a reader why would you pay for the content you could read online for free without even leaving the house?

We’ve seen plenty of experiments with paywalls and other ways to charge readers for content however it’s only recently that certain content providers are starting to see the fruits of their struggles after losing major share to free competitors.

Ten years ago we were using Napster to download music but we’ve become accustomed to paying for content online thanks to iTunes and other easy access services.

Last month, the Washington Post implemented a “metered subscription model,” which leaves only two of the country’s five largest newspapers — the Los Angeles Times and USA Today — free to online readers. Paywalls, once denounced as a suicidal move for news outlets, have proved effective for larger organizations. Now, over 450 of America’s 1,380 dailies have digital play plans in place or in the works, according to the Pew Research Center.

moving away from free online content in South Africa

In South Africa it’s a different story: the only company experimenting with a paywall is the Sunday Times newspaper. Publisher Times Media still provides the rest of their content for free including newspapers such as The Sowetan and The Times can be read online for free.

It’s time for publishers to embrace the metered model in order to promote quality over quantity and it seems to be a growing international trend. The truth is most of us don’t even notice whether we’ve hit the paywall limit as sites such as the New York Times still provide 20 free articles a month. Unless you’re a regular reader (in which case you should just pay for the content) you’re not going to notice the difference.

The biggest challenge for those who choose to charge for their content is the vast array of alternative sources. In our opinion it would be extremely difficult finding a model that consumers would latch on to.

The creation and distribution of free content is however the backbone on which affiliate marketing has been built since the turn of the century. Where others are closing the doors to consumers, there are new doors opening for digital marketers willing to put in the time and effort.

South African online users up by 5 million since last year

Good news for the South African online space, there has been an increase of 5 million new online users in the past year according to the latest results by Effective Measure, the countries official measurement tool.

This is a massive increase, around 33% from the previous level of 14 million unique browsers up to the impressive 19 million. Page impressions are also up 21% and the percentage of users on mobile has moved from 21% to 40%, an impressive increase. This shows the impressive adoption of smartphones in South Africa.

Almost half of users are getting online through ADSL connections and amazingly there are still those using dial-up connections!

How South Africans are getting online

Email is still the most popular activity in South Africa followed by banking although one can assume that social media has had a lot to do with the general increase of users, especially on mobile.why are South Africans going digital

Some other interesting stats on South African online users

  • 6.7 Million users read the news online
  • 54% of South African internet users are male
  • 71% are 35 years and older
  • 19% earn over R50,000 per month

News24 still ranks the highest on the list of top South African website with monthly stats of almost two and a half million unique browers, almost a million more than second place rivals MSN.

Right now it’s apparent that the South African market is booming beyond what we could ever have expected even a year ago. To hit a penetration level of around 40% was unheard of five years ago when we were hovering around 5% of South Africans online. You can access the full report here.

There is a huge continuous growth in internet usage and plans are in the pipeline from a number of companies to continue facilitating this growth. This continued growth creates amazing new opportunities for digital marketers.

The media consumed by users online (through desktops and mobile devices) are on the increase. So presenting products to them in this environment is effectively bringing the products and services to consumers.

Are more online users necessarily good news for affiliate marketers?

The move for many consumers to start getting their news and information online is great news for affiliate marketers! It means that more of the South African public is becoming comfortable with digital channels. This offers affiliate programs to thrive with their lead generation as well as sales offers. In many instances it is becoming the first port of call for consumers when looking at services and products.

If you are not actively engaging online users you are missing out.

Direct Axis launches click affiliate marketing campaign

Your audience has the choice from a Direct Axis Personal Loan of up to R100 000 or a Direct Plus Loan of up to R150 000 through their affiliate program. It runs on a cost per click (CPC) basis and you will earn for every unique click on their ads.

A DirectAxis Personal Loan of up to R100 000 is an unsecured loan that you can pay back over a repayment term of between 2 to 6 years. You can choose the loan amount that suits you, from R4 000 up to R100 000 (in increments of R1 000) which will be speedily deposited directly in your bank account.

A Direct Plus Loan of up to R150 000 with fixed interest rates! For those larger needs and expenses, a Direct Plus Loan amount from R50 000 up to R150 000, could be the answer. This loan is secured against your home. Opt for a repayment term from 4 to 10 years. A portion of the loan could be in your bank account directly and the balance could be within 2 months. An added benefit is that DirectAxis pays for the full conveyancing fees.

direct axis affiliate program for South Africa

Whichever loan solution you choose, you are free to use the money however you like – make those home renovations, pay for your child’s education, consolidate your retail accounts and more!

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Loans: The kings of financial affiliate marketing offers

South Africa is a country that is over indebted and the loans industry is continually booming. Financial institutions are continuously looking for affiliates that can deliver traffic targeted traffic to them and it is no different in this case.

Regardless of the vertical your site focuses on, you will get visitors in need of personal loans. Make money online like crazy with this offer!

Affiliate program for Photographix International launched

Photographix International has decided to launch their affiliate program, which is a cost per sale program, through Offerforge.com.

Brendin presented and lectured in Digital Photography and Photoshop courses in England and would like to pass on his vast photographic knowledge to budding and amateur photographers in South Africa and to anyone interested in Photoshop, photography, Low light & Flash photography or who just want to learn how to take that prize winning pic, by offering photography courses in South Africa.

The courses are designed to give you a good grounding and foundation into the fundamentals of photography so that at the end of the course you should be able to pick up any camera and take an exceptional photograph. You don’t need a camera for the course and we give advice on which camera to buy depending on what type of photography you are interested in.

photographix international affiliate program

Your referrals have to complete a very simple booking form for this affiliate program.

We look forward to paying you massive commissions every month!

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Cost per sale programs have the potential of earning affiliate marketers big commission. This offer would however need to be placed carefully as it would not appeal to everyone in South Africa. By being very specific about who you serve this offer to, you will increase your potential for sales.

1st for Women Launches affiliate offer

1st for Women Insurance Company caters exclusively for the needs of South African women. Over the years, 1st for Women has become an advocate for women, and its social arm, the 1st for Women Insurance Trust, has raised over R11 million for South African women in need. Besides allowing female motorists? to benefit from cheaper vehicle insurance premiums, 1st for Women also handles a wide range of products and benefits that have been designed with South African women in mind.

The 1st for Women affiliate program on Offerforge caters to South African customers through their cost per lead (CPL) program.

Because these products and benefits have been designed for women, they are different from the normal array of insurance products out there that have historically been designed for men, by men.

1st For Women affiliate marketing program

First For Women offers some fab benefits

Imagine getting cash back! This benefit will pay you back if you do not claim for four uninterrupted years. So whether it goes towards that sofa you?ve been saving for, your child’s education , or a vacation somewhere exotic, start planning.

With Trip Monitor, Directions Assist, Accident Assist, Cabs for Women, Guardian Angels, and Road Assist, you?ll have the roadside advantage. These benefits will assist you when you need it most, from safe and reliable taxi services, to directions and breakdown assistance.

Whether you need help speaking legalese with Legal Assist, or hotel and event booking information with Concierge Assist, these home and lifestyle benefits will help you maintain your Superwoman

A medical query, concern, or emergency is no small thing. That?s why medical benefits have been included with your 1st for Women insurance policies. Put your mind at ease knowing that Medical Assist, Nurse @ First, Expo-Sure, Trauma Assist, and even Pet Cover (for your furry loved ones – they?re family too!) are available to call on when you need them.

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Lead generation has always been a popular option for financial institutions. Through the Offerforge.com affiliate network you can pick up this lead generation offer as well as a number of other amazing options in the financial sector.