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Increased Payouts on HopOn Loans

HopOn Loans has increased payouts for Affiliates 🙂

HopOn Loans OfferForge

HopOn Loans (11331)

R15 per application
R200 for first Loan
R100 for subsequent loan

Allowed Traffic: Email, Banners

Notes: HopOn Loans lets users apply for a loan online quickly and easily. They give loans of up to R50 000 over 7 to 36 months.

This offer has been converting extremely well since the launch and with increased payouts there is no reason not to give it a go!

New Offer for Affiliates – HopOn Loans

New hybrid affiliate offer: HopOn Loans has a brand new offer – HopOn Loans!

HopOn Loans lets users apply for a loan online quickly and easily, saving them time and effort on endless paperwork, queuing in a branch or spending hours on the phone with a call centre agent!

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HopOn Loans (11331)

Payout: You will be paid R15 per valid lead and R75 per approved loan.

Allowed Traffic: Email, Banners

What sets this offer apart from many others is that it is both a lead generation offer as well as a sales offer. You will firstly earn R15 for every unique lead you sent through. On top of that they are rewarding affiliates with a further R75 per approved loan.

As you can see there is some real decent money to be made from this offer. In South Africa people are always on the lookout for short term loan providers, so the potential here is huge!

Head on over to the and pick up the creative now! It is time for you to make some money online.

Top New Affiliate Marketing Offers from RCS

Affiliate Marketing Offers from RCS

RCS Card and RCS Loans have joined 🙂

If your consumers are looking for the best store card or the best interest rates on loans then these two offers are a no-brainer. RCS is the leader of the pack in South Africa when it comes to credit, they also don`t limit you to where you can shop – with over 600 stores nationwide they really make life a little easier.

RCS Card (11300)

Payout: You will be paid R70 for every credit worthy consumer who completes the first page registration.

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display

RCS Loan (11245)

Payout: You will be paid R70 for every credit worthy consumer who completes the 6 page registration.

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display

If you are interested in running these RCS offers on email or display please contact me so that I can assist you in setting up the offer.

These two offers represent products that South Africans love to run. When you run these offers you will be pushing an offer that appeals to a very broad spectrum of South African consumers.

There is a fine balance for many consumers when it comes to cash flow. Having access to products like these makes it possible for more people to afford items when the need presses.

The earning potential for you as an affiliate is also very good. For both offers you will be paid R70 for a first page completion of the application process.

Monetizing site traffic in South Africa can be tricky sometimes. It is however made a lot easier if you are able to offer a product that appeals to a large segment of the population.

Head over to the site now and pick up the creative for these two offers right away!

CPC Offer in focus at

CPC Offer in focus – what is in it for you?

Today we not only have an amazing offer in focus, but what makes it even more attractive is it being a CPC Offer 😉 is an online financial and loan comparison website for South Africa at large. They gather and organize all cost information from South Africa’s big banks and smaller micro lenders, to make your financial decisions easier through simple-to-use financial and loan comparison calculators.

Fincheck CPC offer (11301)

Payout: You will be paid R1 per click

Allowed Traffic: Display

Notes: The Fincheck CPC offer is an absolute must run offer. It is currently a top converting offer.

Just remember that the offer ends on the 28th of June 2016 so don`t wait too long!

We have 3 different creatives – Personal Loans, Home Loans and Student Loans, so get them up and start earning!

New CPC Offer –

CPC Offer: Fincheck affiliate program on Offerforge

We know a whole lot of you have been asking for CPC offers, of course we had to deliver on that request, so here it is! The Fincheck affiliate program is running a CPC offer. is an online financial and loan comparison website, helping South Africans get the best deals on anything from Student Loans to Home Loans. And best yet – they really do help you save time, effort and money by sourcing the best deals from all over.

Fincheck CPC offer is here

You are probably wondering about the Payout 😉 Payout on this CPC offer is R1 per click! Easy money for sure!

Banners are available in the creative section of the offer, so go grab them now and get earning.