Mahindra lead generation offer is back!

Mahindra test drive lead generation offer is back!

The Mahindra campaign is back and we are looking for more Test Drives!

mahindra lead generation offer

Mahindra – HLF (11169)

Payout: You will be paid R80 per valid lead.
Allowed Media: Display, Social Media, Email, Text Links
Notes: The new Mahindra XUV 500 has certainly made a massive impression on the South African market. With dealerships nationwide you can rest assured that your consumers will be able to Test Drive this amazing car!

Creatives can be found in the Creative Section of the offer. Are you looking to email? Let me know then I will get you set up.

It is a brand on the rise in the South African market. Where other manufacturers have struggled to keep sales steady during the past financial year, there was positive growth for the brand.

There is huge international backing for the brand and a lot of research and development goes into constantly improving their products. When you promote them, you would get paid a whopping R80 for every unique test drive lead generated!

Debt Eraser offer is back!

Debt Eraser affiliate program is back!

Debt Eraser is live again, so get the banners back up, we are waiting for your leads 🙂

debt eraser logo

Debt Eraser – (HLF)(11105)

Payout: You will be paid R40 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media

Qualifying Criterias:
Monthly Income: R9 000 Plus
Not be under Debt Review
Must be over indebted
South African Resident

Log into your dashboard and grab the banners!

As far as affiliate marketing offers go there are very few that suit the South African market better. South African consumers are some of the most indebted in the world. As a result the number of people who need help managing their debt is alarming.

Your involvement would be to help point people in the right direction to help them sort out their debt problems. In return for this you will be paid R40 for every validated unique lead you sent through.

Debt Rescue launches affiliate program on OfferForge

New affiliate program from Debt Rescue

We are pleased to announce that the Debt Rescue offer is now available on the OfferForge affiliate program network!

The affiliate program for Debt Rescue will enable your referrals to become debt free:

  • One affordable monthly installment
  • Credit providers communicate with us, not you
  • The NCA can protect you from being blacklisted
  • Installment amounts are reduced
  • Repayment periods get extended

In hard economic times in South Africa, this type of affiliate marketing program is an ideal solution to both publishers and consumers.

Apply to run this offer today!

Their affiliate program will pay for unique leads generated. There is always room for debt offers in the South African marketing. The country is one of the most over indebted in the world, and sometimes a bit of help is needed to rectify the problem.

There are a number of insurance affiliate marketing programs you can run on The debt offers however apply to loads of South African consumers and lead generation in this vertical is always popular with affiliates.

To get the different creatives, you can simply log in to your affiliate account and navigate to the offer. It is a great way to make money online from the traffic that you have on your website.

Rand Trust Financiers B2B Lead Generation Program

Rand Trust Lead Generation Program on

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Rand Trust Financiers Business-To-Business Financing CPL Program.

Rand Trust provides tailor-made financial solutions, converting debtors’ invoices into instant cash, no credit limits and no red tape. The highly effective landing page features a 2 minute video, guaranteed to convert!

The offer would not be one that will work for every website owner. It will however be a great offer to run for websites aimed at B2B. When it comes to lead generation offers this is one of the offers that would give you the biggest payouts.

You can pick up the creative for this offer right now on our system.

Visit the landing page here to join this lead program and earn a CPL.

Debtsafe affiliate offer back in OfferForge

Debtsafe affiliate program

We are pleased to inform you that the DebtSafe affiliate program offer is once again running in OfferForge.

Customer Benefits:

A registered debt counselor will review and restructure your referrals’ credit obligations to an affordable level. The debt review process will result in a court order which will protect them from their creditors.

The National Credit Act prescribes Debt Counseling as a legal remedy for over indebtedness. This takes into account all accounts on a consumers name, and looks at his/her credit profile holistically.

Please note that you will need to apply and be approved to run this offer.

SishaFax launches innovative new Affiliate Program

SishaFax, the undisputed leaders in Fax2Email solutions has launched a unique new affiliate program on  What makes this program different is that affiliates earn a fee for every minute of usage.

So, how do affiliates earn from a free service?  That’s the  secret telecommunications business model, revealed here first!  Whenever a fax is sent, the person sending it pays the regular telecoms charges and the recipient gets a free fax, converted and sent to their email address.

Sisha, who are globally contracted by telecoms companies to administer this service,  share the revenue generated through their affiliate program. The revenue share option on a service like this can turn into a substantial recurring income. This makes it an attractive proposition over lead generation and normal cost per sales that only results in earning a once off income.

Every time a fax is received by a consumer, the affiliate that activated the number will earn a portion of the telecommunications cost, for the life of the customer.

The revenue stacks up pretty quickly.  Imagine having just 500 numbers, getting an average of 10 faxes each per day.  That would generate over 120,000 minutes each month translating into earnings of almost R20,000 monthly.

Why consumers love SishaFax

  1. No more lost paper faxes, everything is sent to your email address, for safe storage.
  2. It’s free, no strings attached.
  3. Your personal fax number follows you for ever, even if you change jobs, cities or countries.

How to Market this Service

We’ve combined the marketing with an awesome ‘Win a trip to Mauritius’ competition, open to everyone that registers for the service.  The prize is valued at R50,000 and competition landing page is converting at over 29%.

Once you refer a new fax user, they’ll get a sequence of mails designed to get them to activate and use the service.  The more they use it the more you earn!

Affiliates are eligible for participation in the competition as well.

Sales Reporting

Each morning Sisha transmits the previous day’s usage data to the affiliate system, so you’ll see daily ‘sales’ reported in the program.  The number of minutes captured is reported as the Sales Value.  Your commissions are calculated daily on this amount at the per-minute rate, currently 16c per minute.

Get Started Now by visiting the Affiliate Program Page in OfferForge.coom

Mobile usage of Facebook and Twitter keep growing

No turning back: mobile usage is taking over

When Facebook first listed of the stock exchange their share price took a pounding due to a general lack of mobile strategy. Things have changed and Facebook has massively embraced mobile adverts. Mobile usage is growing massively in developed nations and Africa is already way ahead of the pack.

In the US, a primarily “desktop first” market the growth of mobile is massive. eMarketer did a study recently on how mobile social media usage is growing:

US mobile phone twitter users and penetration

As we can see from the stats above the growth of mobile Twitter users is going to increase around five million users a year. If you take a look at the red line on the graph you can see total mobile phone social network users. The number as a percentage doesn’t change for the simple reason that there is such a massive growth in total mobile users.

The stats for Twitter pale in comparison to Mobile Facebook usage. In the US just shy of 100 million Americans will access their Facebook account via mobile phone at least monthly. Nearly all mobile social network users will use Facebook via mobile. The overall mobile Facebook population will increase by more than 50% between this year and 2017. In 2013, 99% of all people will access Facebook on their mobile.

US mobile usage stats: mobile phone facebook users and penetration

Local social media stats are completely skewed towards mobile. Here’s some stats from South Africa according to World Wide Worx on mobile usage:

  1. South Africa’s Twitter user base doubled this year, and Facebook is near saturation for connected SA consumers.
  2. Instagram use has shot up, closely tied to Twitter as consumers share photos across the platforms.
  3. Social bookmarking site use has plummeted, including Delicious, Digg, Friendfeed and StumbleUpon.
  4. LinkedIn remains on a slow but steady growth curve in SA, with 20% growth from 2012.
  5. Google Plus uptake has flattened in South Africa – at approximately 500,000 active users.
  6. Executives buy into social: lack of management understanding is a much smaller barrier to entry in 2013.
  7. Largest barrier to social media brand success remains effective time management of the channels.
  8. 58% of major SA brands are now utilising Youtube as a marketing and communications medium.
  9. Of SA’s biggest brands surveyed, 92% post at least once a week to their social profiles.
  10. 53% of social channels managed by marketing team; only 16% of brands outsource it to 3rd parties. The remaining 31% is handled by a mix of PR teams, individuals and other tactics. “It’s generally viewed as too strategic to outsource, or that 3rd parties [are] too remote to resolve customer issues,”.

If you aren’t pushing heavily into mobile you’re in for a long next few years. The largest shift in traffic in the digital space is to mobile usage and it is snowballing! There are countless opportunities for affiliate marketing professionals in the mobile market. More and more time is also being sent on social media using purely mobile devices.

The challenge to everyone in the digital marketing space is embracing this change and working with it. If you want to make sure that your lead generation campaigns are yielding proper returns, you need to go where your consumers are.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with different forms of media. They have however all but cut out traditional advertising mediums (print, television ads, radio ads and billboards). Every owner of a smartphone spends a lot of time browsing and interacting with content on their mobile phones. The key to your future success with any lead generation campaigns, cost per sale campaigns and any affiliate marketing in general will probably rely heavily on how well you embrace mobile.

25% of the worlds population are using social media

If you ever needed further convincing that social media is a great place to advertise then bear this in mind: over 25% of the world are now on some form of social media.

According to a report by eMarketer the number of social network users around the world will rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.

The major growth comes from the Asia-Pacific and Africa region. The Asia-Pacific region will make make up the biggest amount of social network users by 2017, followed by the combined Middle East/Africa market. Major population areas such as China and and India make up a large bulk of social networking users:

social network users worldwide by region

Next year, the Middle East and Africa will surpass Latin America in share to become the region with the second-largest social network audience, while Central and Eastern Europe’s share will exceed that of North America for the first time. The ranking of social network users by region will largely reflect the regional shares of the global population by 2014. This was an inevitable development, as social network usage has moved from taking place primarily in advanced markets to being a common activity for people around the world.

social network user penetration worldwide

The growth isn’t going to slow down, by 2016 over 75% of the world will be on social media. Can you afford to ignore it anymore?

Can social media work for affiliate marketing?

Social media is an exceptionally good channel to use for affiliate marketing. The challenge is growing your social media presence. With the amount of time consumers spend on social media it is the ideal place to talk to them.

Whether your affiliate marketing is aimed to drive sales or do lead generation, there are ways to achieve both.

The overwhelming evidence is there to indicate that time spent on social media will definitely be worth your digital marketing efforts. It is always important to go where your customers are. Consumers are just getting overloaded with marketing messages and it is often difficult to compete. With more and more time being spent on social media, shouldn’t you be there as well?

Justifying your online marketing budget

We’ve had it bashed in by repetition that online marketing is the way to go as it’s the best way to prove marketing return on investment. This ROI conversation is a great way to justify your online efforts to the higher ups.

Ad sales, publishers and marketers need to justify their digital marketing efforts.  Time and again, marketers are asked to tie those efforts back to bottom-line results. It became clear that folks are struggling to quantify their return on investment.

Three questions about online marketing

Below are the top three questions CMOs wrestle with, according to a study by Vizu, when trying to explain their digital investments:

  • Why should we move more brand advertising dollars into digital?

As consumers spend more of their time on computers, tablets and phones, more advertising money has moved online. This has led to the development of richer creative formats that allow marketers to create experiences that move beyond direct-response tactics and into immersive experiences — video and social, for example — that are better exploited by brand messages.

Moreover, consistent multi-platform metrics are emerging that allow marketers to compare the relative efficacy of different media and make more informed decisions based on real return on investment.

Nielsen consider effective advertising to be that which reaches your desired audience, influences their opinion and ultimately impacts their behavior at the cash register. We call this the three R’s — reach, resonance and reaction.

  • How can we parse the effectiveness of brand advertising online when there is so much data to choose from?

Nielsen recently released the 2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook, a survey of marketers, agencies and media sellers. They found that more than half of media buyers and one in three media sellers surveyed described themselves as “drowning in data.” One marketer described online metrics as a “Tower of Babel.”

The same study found that the No. 1 metric marketers were interested in understanding, as in any advertising investment, is sales lift. Sales equate to success, your digital dollars need to justify this.

  • Does TV measurement get more like digital, or vice versa?

Marketers have been trained that television advertising is the greatest possible form of advertising but historically measurement has been tough. The research highlighted two factors generally at play — technology and simplicity. From a technological standpoint, digital media allows marketers to collect more granular data than traditional TV. But those differences are shrinking. As we move to a world of connected TV, everything becomes digital. While that might suggest that TV measurement should become more like digital measurement, we believe simplicity will reign. In fact, we’re already seeing digital metrics become more like TV with the industry adoption of an online GRP for a common, simple method of calculating reach and brand lift for calculating resonance.

The conclusion is simple: keep the results simple without bamboozling with data and explain why digital is a collaborative effort with different mediums and mechanisms which can also work hand in hand with big budget efforts such as TV.

The analytics available with online marketing makes a difference

Digital marketing efforts are aimed at lead generation, make sales online, getting and affiliate marketing income, getting more subscribers and building brands. So basically the same as with all other more traditional marketing efforts.

The difference with digital marketing: You can track it from start to finish.

For a lot of your tracking needs you wouldn’t need to look much further than Google Analytics (and read up especially on event tracking and goal conversions).

Let’s look at how you would handle lead generation through two digital and traditional marketing efforts:
1. Digital marketing efforts start with tracking the number of visitors you got to your website. You can see from the stats what the sources were of the traffic. If you have set up goal conversions it would give you a full picture from source through to completion. This makes it much easier to work out the ROI
2. Traditional marketing efforts including TV, radio and print. You put it out there and hope it generates leads or sales…

That is a bit of an over dramatization, but it is true. Brands in the US have started giving up their coveted spots in the Super Bowl half-time show which is watched by hundreds of millions of people in favor of bigger digital marketing budgets.

When your digital marketing is running, you can make adjustments based on real data in real time to direct spend in the right direction.