NEW CREATIVE: King Price Insurance (March 2020)


We’ve added March banner ad creatives to the King Price Insurance offers!


King Price Insurance Creative March 2020 (1)

Being frustrated with corporate greed and unwillingness to change and improve for the good of consumer needs, King Price Insurance was born from the seed of hope that things could change for the sake of the greater good!

Since they started in June 2012 King Price has grown to over 80 000 happy clients, with a further 7000 plus joining them every month.

Why join the Royal Family of King Price?

  • Enjoy super cheap premiums that DECREASE monthly
  • Choose what excess best suits you
  • Benefit from Award winning royal service
  • Join the growing community of already over 80 000 happy customers


King Price Insurance Creative (Namibia)

At King Price, we know that price is king, so we’re here to save you more money each and every month. In the time it takes you to read this, your car’s value has dropped. It’s worth less and less… So why do other insurance companies charge you the same premium every month? Not us… We DECREASE your car premium every month as your car loses value. We just think it makes sense.