Following API loan campaigns have resumed / are running

The following API*based loan campaigns have resumed / are running, though the uApply lead post:

  • UBank
  • Lime24 Loans
  • Direct Axis

To take advantage of these campaigns, make sure you’re sending all data through your API.

If you don’t have an API post set up and currently have a POPI Compliant Loan Application Form, reach out to us to set up your form.

*mansplain / geeksplain alert: for those of you not familiar with an API post – that’s specifically for finance websites that already have their own loan and debt forms. They already have a lead gathering process and when they capture the data they API (that’s fancy wording for send it to us through a programmatic post). We accept the posted data and then route it to all the banks we work with for the affiliate publisher. The banking partner accepts the lead if they don’t already have it, and money flows!



  • This sweet little form, which you can put on your website comes in many sizes.
  • We have 2 versions, a Loan & a Debt Relief form.
  • Your visitors can fill it in ON YOUR SITE without ever leaving your website, so it’s just as if you had your OWN API!
  • You get all the benefits without any of the tech hassles.
  • We have this form in FULL PAGE, HALF PAGE, in fact, most sizes. There’s even one with a slider to choose how much money you want.

If you’d like to embed our easy to use one-step form on your site follow these steps:

1. Find the Offer (11213 in the Offers Card and apply to run it.
2. Once approved open the offer card and accept the Terms and Conditions.
3. Read the Basic Info and Click on the Creatives Tab.
4. Choose any of the Embedded Lead Forms, we offer and click the GET CODE button.

5. When the code popup appears don’t copy that link, Click the DONE button.

6. Your HTML will be generated and displayed.

7. Copy the HTML, paste into your website, wherever you want your form to be displayed.

CALL 087 2310377 ask for NIC or email [email protected] for assistance in getting your code set up.