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NEW CREATIVE: NetFlorist (PLEASE NOTE: This promotion has come to an end)

We have added some brand new creative to the NetFlorist offer – Festive banners!


NEW CREATIVE: Legacy Hotels (PLEASE NOTE: This promotion has come to an end)

We have added some brand new creative to the Legacy Hotels offer –
Black Friday & Cyber Monday banners (PLEASE NOTE: Black Friday offer ended on 23 November 2018 – but we replaced the Black Friday banners with the Cyber Monday Banners for your convenience)



We are pleased to announce a brand new offer on OfferForge!

RCS – Cards

OFFER 11537

With RCS Card shopping is made easy. Providing access to South Africa’s biggest independent shopping network of over 25 000 stores.

With RCS customers get affordable monthly installments, with flexible payment options, Revolving facility, 24 or 36-month budget plans (for purchases of R600 or more) and best of all access to exclusive offers and promotions.

If you have any questions or need a bit more help, please feel free to get in touch with us!

New offer: Absolute World

We are pleased to announce a brand new offer on OfferForge!

Absolute World – (CPS)

OFFER 11534

Proud to be hailed as Thailand’s Best Boutique Developer, our eclectic and multi award-winning collection of boutique resorts capture a vast range of lifestyles and holiday demands. Enjoy chic sophistication overlooking the famous Soi Bangla whilst indulging in a private terrace hot tub within your designer suite in the heart of the action; or escape to our latest resort, Twin Sands, and relax and unwind with a spa massage overlooking a peninsula of crystal seas, before heading off for a divine meal at our acclaimed restaurant.

Of course, our ever-growing collection of boutique resorts in Thailand are managed with the same Absolute Resorts high standards, personal service and warm Thai smiles that keep our guests returning time and time again.

On an Absolute Resorts holiday, you’ll take home more than just wonderful memories of special places. You’ll remember the outstanding quality and size of the accommodation, whatever you choose. You’ll have your belief in great standards of service restored with every warm Thai smile. And you’ll be astonished at how little it all costs.

As one of Asia’s leading lifestyle resort groups, our core beliefs lie in our service, value and quality, with one simple aim: to deliver your greatest Thailand vacation experience yet.

King Price launches QUICKLEAD Advertising Program exclusive to OfferForge

Gone are the days of old fashioned banner ads!
You’re invited to join the exclusive new King Price QUICK LEAD Advertising Program.

King Price have replaced old style banners with embedded “inline” forms that fit any website and merge beautifully with your content.
They also convert up to 6 times beter than traditional banners!

Old banners entice your visitors to click away from your site, while our our new ads have embedded the lead form, so your visitor never leaves your site.

That’s right. Your visitors DON’T LEAVE your site.

The highly effective ads display a branded form containing just 2 fields, name & phone.
Once completed, the ad confirms registration in the ad, leaving your visitor free to continue browsing your site.

970×90 (full page top or bottom bar)
728×90 (leaderboard)
300×250 (medium rectangle)
160×600 (wide skyscraper)

To start running these banners log into your OfferForge affiliate account, navigate to the King Price Insurance (11000) offer and browse the creatives for ‘QUICKLEAD Banner Form’ or just reply to this mail and we’ll send you a mail with all the banner files.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Publisher Account Manager.

Dark Carnival launches affiliate program

Dark Carnival Retail is a South African company committed to providing its customers access to the latest Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Collectables and related merchandise from around the world.

Dark Carnival has partnered with OfferForge to launch their affiliate program, targeted at South African Consumers with an interest in collectables, Graphic Novels and Merchandise.


Affiliate Program Overview:

Affiliates earn 7% on all sales, with a 30 day cookie.

Allowed Media:

Social Media

Datafeed launcing soon.


Dark Carnival has mobile and web creative in all IAB sizes.
For a full list of creative please log in to your affiliate account.

MadeSure launches Affiliate Program on OfferForge


We at MadeSure understand the vital role your Domestic Worker plays in your family’s life, but you no doubt feel you could be doing more for her – after all, at the end of a long day’s work taking care of your family and home, she still has her own to take care of.

Like most of SA’s lower-earning workforce, your Domestic Staff are probably heavily invested in funeral plans and savings schemes, and may even have had to approach you for the odd loan to help them through tough times. The MadeSure Lifestyle Protector and Lifestyle Protector Plus have been designed to meet the real-world needs of low-income earners.

This offer pays out a CPL for each valid lead.

View Landing Page

Allowed Media
Display Ads
Social Media
In-App Ads

Contact your account manager for any other media.


Kaspersky Special Affiliate Offer

I read last night that cats rule the internet, so here’s my attempt to get your attention on my critically important update.

I want your links! I must have them and I’m so totally willing to pay 😉

OK, so I know link juice actually means SEO direct links, but how’s an affiliate supposed to earn when you’re just giving away link juice? Hell no, we want money, so affiliate link juice rules.

If you’re looking for some monetization this week, look no further than the Surveys that are totally dominating. We’ve got over a dozen surveys running (see my blog post last week if you missed it) and The best performing ones are ‘Win a Weekend’ and ‘Mr Price’. These surveys are pushing EPC’s well over R2.30 per click so it’s converting like clappers.



With internet fraud, privacy hacking and virus attacks on the increase, our premium advertiser Kaspersky has launched a new offer on their award winning software.

Affiliates earn 20.00 % revenue share on all sales and consumers get an extra 3 months free with every subscription of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

They have products for all operating systems and even have mobile devices covered.

 Display: Allowed
Search: Allowed
Social: Allowed
Email: Contact Affiliate Manager
SMS: Contact Affiliate Manager

Survey Lead Generation now on OfferForge

We’ve launched some new surveys! (scroll down to see the landing pages)

There are 5 different landing pages, so you’ll find something for everyone. Whether your site attracts shoe lovers, travelers, homebodies or health freaks, we’ve got a high converting page for you.

Each of these surveys is targeted at SA Consumers and pays R3.50 for a first page submit.

Allowed Media
Display Ads
Social Media
In-App Ads



View Landing Page


View Landing Page



View Landing Page



View Landing Page


SA REWARDS (11214).

View Landing Page


The pages are fully responsive, so they look awesome on web and mobile.

Right now the EPC (average Earnings Per Click) sits around R0,75 per click, which is pretty awesome for a one page submit!

To Pick up any of these offers, please log into your OfferForge Account

AVBOB lead generation program now accepting publishers

Lot’s going on this week and lots of opportunities for you to make money 🙂




View Landing Page


We’re super pleased to welcome Avbob to the OfferForge Network.

AVBOB is Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society and has provided a one-stop funeral insurance and burial service solution since 1918.

This offer pays out R50 for each valid lead.

Allowed Media
Display Ads
Social Media
In-App Ads



Scorpion Legal has renewed, so if you’re already approved, you can start driving traffic immediately.

This form requires only 2 fields, Name & Phone Number, so it converts like clappers!

Not yet signed up? Log in and apply to run this perennial performer.



Debt Eraser is also back, if you’ve run this before you know the new year is just the best time for this offer to perform.

Unfortunately, overindebtedness is something many South Africans live with.

If your site is general consumer traffic, finance or loan related, this offer is virtually guaranteed to print money!





View Landing Page



Kaspersky has launched a special promo, exclusive to OfferForge.

With every purchase consumers get 3 extra months free, translating into a 20% saving.

Banners and landing pages have been loaded, so if you’re running this offer already, no need to change creative. If you’re not yet picked it up, log in and grab your banners now.