PAYOUT – R0,50 (Wine & Craft Beer Competition)

R1,50 (Nivea Competition)

R0,50 (Woolworths Competition)

CATEGORIES – Competitions

CURRENCY – South Africa Rand (R)


Consumer Rewards

Consumer Rewards Affiliate Program Powered by Affiliate Network

Consumer Rewards hosts just for fun competitions, surveys and opinion polls. They gather opt-in consumer records and share these ECT & POPI Act compliant records with advertisers that sponsor the competitions.

Consumer Rewards associate their consumers with audiences based on their interests and answers so they can better serve them with relevant content from their panel of surveys, interesting content & advertisers.

If you have trouble finding creative or approved subject lines, please contact us for help.

Program Updates

Launch (ID:#11603)
We’re proud to announce the launch of Wine and Craft Beer Competition!

Launch (ID:#11549)
We’re proud to announce the launch of Nivea Competition!

Launch (ID:#11558)
We’re proud to announce the launch of Woolworths Competition!