New Offers from the Hollard Affiliate Program

Hollard affiliate program has 3 new offers

Hollard has 3 new offers that are now live in your dashboard!

hollard logowithbg

Hollard Motor Xtender – (HLF) (11097)

Payout: R30 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Salary: 8k plus

Hollard – Hospital Cash Back (11324)

Payout: R20 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: SMS Only
Targeting :
Age:Below age of 45
Salary:R2500 plus
Area: All provinces excluding KZN
Full time employed
SA Citizen

Hollard Life (11323)

Payout: R60 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: Display, text links
Ages: NA
Salary: 7k plus

Please make sure to check the targeting and allowed traffic of each offer. Mailers are available in the creative section.

With 3 offers to choose from you are sure to make a bundle of cash when you run them. There is always a need in South Africa for leads generated in the insurance industry. This is exactly what they are looking for here and you can cash in on this need.

Depending on the audience your website is targeting, this can turn out to be a great earner for you. With the growing economy in South Africa there are always new individuals who need cover. You will just need to find them and offer them the right cover.

New Offer – Diners Club

Diners Club offer

We once again have an amazing offer for all our SMS Publishers – Diners Club has joined!

Diners Club Logo

Diners Club (11319)

Payout: You will be paid R50 per completed application,

Allowed Traffic: SMS only

Notes: Belonging to Diners Club affords entry to a world of products, benefits, features, rewards and opportunities! Locally or International. Plus, new members now get a Credit Card that offers more flexibility than a charge card.

We have two different SMS Creatives which are both available from your Account Manager.

Globally affiliate marketers thrive on credit card offers. This is because it is such a popular offer with such a wide range of consumers.

You would be able to run this offer successfully on a number of different sites. You might think that it would be popular mostly on sites related to finances, but you’ll be amazed.

All you need to do is get your visitors to complete the application form. You will be paid for every completed application form.

The humble banner ad is 1.5 times more effective than SMS

According to a survey by leading researcher people are more likely to make a purchase based on a banner ad than an SMS.  The company surveyed 29,000 people with Internet access from 58 countries.

The findings indicate that a mix of media and word of mouth advertising bring about the most success in raising consumer awareness, and the most persuasive awareness drivers include a mix of activities like in-store discovery, TV, print advertisements, advice from family/friends, free samples, searching the Internet, and professional/expert word-of-mouth advice.

more likely product is the banner ad

“Consumers increasingly find the Internet and mobile are compelling vehicles to get information about new products,” the firm says. “However, potential reach and ease of execution varies substantially.”

We’re not convinced that in Africa this is entire accurate but as you can see, all other methods listed are more effective than text messages. It appears that marketers may be better off reaching consumers on their mobile devices via Internet channels like search, websites,articles, forums, social media, video sharing sites, and even banner ads.

Download the rest of the report here.

The banner ad is still the affiliate’s friend

The study helps to prove the fact that it is still a very useful tool in the arsenal of any affiliate marketer. The use of these ads are however the biggest difference between making money online and making little to nothing.

Affiliate marketing campaigns are more often than not aimed at the whole population. You as a publisher should make sure that you target the correct consumers with your affiliate marketing efforts.