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Ending Movember on a high note! – 22-11-2016

Movember is not over yet! Mantality still has some cool merchandise so get those creatives out and help support a good cause.

Mantality Movember

Mantality (320)

Payout: You will be paid 10% on every sale made

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, sms, text links, Social Media

Notes: Mantality supports Movember so let`s try and make some sales and add to the good cause!
*Don`t forget to check out their other awesome products!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer.

New Affiliate Marketing Offer – BestBranding

BestBranding has joined!

BestBranding is one of the leading suppliers of Promotional Products in South Africa, hether you are looking for a lanyard, pen, mug, notebook, diary or a promotional item for giveaway, BestBranding is your solution!

bestbranding bannerads 300x250

BestBranding – CPS (11353)

Payout: You will be paid 3% on every sale made

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, Text Link, Social Media

Notes: Take advantage of the 10% off on all items and start promoting this offer now! Remember that it is end of year, meaning it is the ideal time for companies and individuals to give away personalized branded items!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer.

The offer is ideal for any website aimed at B2B customers. Any sales you drive will likely be for relatively large volume orders. The good news for you is that it would mean more commission in your bank account!

There are a number of creative options that can pick up right now on

Juicebubble has Brand New Creatives

New creative for the Juicebubble affiliate program

If you are an active Pokemon Trainer or not, by now we all know that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! Juicebubble has got new Pokemon Go themed shirts!

Juicebubble also know this, so they made some epic T-shirts and hoodies so that you can show your commitment to catching em all!

Juicebubble Pokemon go creative
JuiceBubble – CPS (11221)

Payout: 10% per approved sale
Allowed Traffic: email, display, sms, text links, social media
Notes: With a wide range of geeky and cool gadgets, t-shirts and hoodies sales have obviously been streaming in! Currently one of the top sales offers in the OfferForge network!

We have a huge variety of Creatives available in the Creative section of the offer so grab some banners and get earning!

PS – Every banner has a special coupon code the consumer can redeem on a first time purchase 😉

There are many different sales offers to run from This offer is however definitely one of the coolest ones you can run.

You want to offer your visitors something new and interesting and the new t-shirts available from them are a great option to run. Pick up their new creative and give it a go on your website!

New Offer – Route Perfect

Unique travel affiliate marketing offer: Route Perfect

Are you busy planning an overseas trip or just REALLY need to get away? There is no easier way than through Route Perfect

Planning that perfect overseas trip takes time, patience and a lot of money. You don`t just want to go to one town, while you are there you want to take the time to explore and see everything that makes that country beautiful!

Well, we have the solution – Route Perfect!

It is an easy to use, no fuss website that helps you customise your trip itinerary. Do you prefer the small towns to the cities? Check. Night Life vs a hiking trip? Check. You can plan your trip down to a T!

New Offer - Route Perfect
Route Perfect – CPA (11299)

Payout: You will be paid $50 per approved Sale

Allowed Traffic: Display, Email, Social Media

Notes: They allow you to customise your European trip. Please note that this is open to an International audience so spread the word!

We have different banners available in the creative section so pick some up now!

New Offer – Date Factory

Date Factory affiliate marketing offer

These days it’s getting harder and harder to spend some quality time with your partner and just have a relaxed and much needed date night – Now YOU don`t have to worry about the planning anymore because Date Factory has got you covered.

Date Factory has joined bringing you a Date in a Box!

New Offer - Date Factory
DateFactory – CPS (11295)

Payout: You will be paid R24.50 per sale.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Email, Social Media

Notes: Targeting females between the ages of 25-40 has proven to convert the best. But the gents should also love this one, I mean, who doesn’t love surprising their loved one!

They have a variety of boxes available. So if it`s your first date, a special occasion or just for fun, they have you covered!

Juicebubble – new creatives added – 18-05-2016


Juicebubble affiliate offer has new creative

Juicebubble is well known for their cool t-shirts and geeky inventory, but this takes the cake!

They have added brand new creatives with the main focus on their Game of Thrones branded merchandise! And better yet – they have a Coupon Code included to give you R50 off on your first purchase 😉

This offer has been doing great on the platform, so if you are not running this offer yet, grab some banners and get earning!


Affiliates will be paid 10% on each approved sale. Run this offer NOW!


Happy earning!
Natashia & the Forge Team
yours in affiliate marketing brilliance!

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