New Offers from the Hollard Affiliate Program

Hollard affiliate program has 3 new offers

Hollard has 3 new offers that are now live in your dashboard!

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Hollard Motor Xtender – (HLF) (11097)

Payout: R30 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Salary: 8k plus

Hollard – Hospital Cash Back (11324)

Payout: R20 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: SMS Only
Targeting :
Age:Below age of 45
Salary:R2500 plus
Area: All provinces excluding KZN
Full time employed
SA Citizen

Hollard Life (11323)

Payout: R60 per validated lead.
Allowed Traffic: Display, text links
Ages: NA
Salary: 7k plus

Please make sure to check the targeting and allowed traffic of each offer. Mailers are available in the creative section.

With 3 offers to choose from you are sure to make a bundle of cash when you run them. There is always a need in South Africa for leads generated in the insurance industry. This is exactly what they are looking for here and you can cash in on this need.

Depending on the audience your website is targeting, this can turn out to be a great earner for you. With the growing economy in South Africa there are always new individuals who need cover. You will just need to find them and offer them the right cover.

What is the ROI of email?

We speak a lot about the ROI of banner advertising on this site however what about the venerable old lady of digital marketing: email?

These days our inbox is a bit of a war-zone; it’s difficult to see what’s relevant, what’s urgent and what can be ignored. Unless it’s your boss or client screaming at you email tends to initially get avoid. However, we’ve noticed that when we’re out of tasks we return back to our inbox to find something to do or someone to respond to. The thing is, around 66% of marketers think that email provides excellent or good ROI.

ROI chart showing different digital channels

This is according to research from the new Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, which shows that despite the ever-increasing toolkits and techniques available to marketers, email still holds its place as a channel that offers a strong ROI.

But in spite of the strong potential for delivering a great return in investment, companies are spending too little time on optimisation of campaigns compared to design and content. This is a scary thought considering around 8% of companies say they get half their business via email!

Some interesting stats from the survey:

  • Only 39% of in-house marketers rate the performance of their company’s campaigns as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, while 15% admit their campaigns are ‘poor’.
  • More than a quarter (27%) state that they spend no time at all internally on optimising their email campaigns, a figure that has increased from 21% in 2008.
  • And even those that do optimise aren’t spending a significant amount of time on it. Just 19% of responding companies spend more than two hours a week on optimisation, compared to 62% who dedicate the same amount of time to design and content.
  • The report also investigates the most common barriers to effective email marketing, with the results showing the problems experience by marketers have changed over the years. In 2007 ‘lack of skills and training’ (42%) was the most common issue, but this year half of respondents (50%) cited the ‘quality of the email database’.
  • Finally, the survey highlights the value of running user tests. Of those that test regularly, 74% report having an “excellent” or “good” ROI, compared to just 37% that do not test.

It’s important to consider the value of email as part of your marketing mix. We now offer email marketing so contact us and we’ll set your campaign up and start delivering results.

Should affiliates even consider email marketing?

Definitely! It has been said a million times and it is still true. The power is in the list. If you are not making efforts to building out your email list you are limiting your chances of making money online more frequently. There are so many chances for getting more income from repeat business if you have the contact details of people who visited your website.

Why would you not want to make more money online? The learning curve is not huge when it comes to email marketing to get started. You will however find that as you improve your messaging and layout of your emails that you will see better results.