New Affiliate Marketing Offer: RapidStudio

RapidStudio Affiliate Marketing Offer

RapidStudio is an application that helps turn your digital photographs into coffee table books, canvasses, calendars and a whole lot of other funky photo products!

What’s even more awesome is that you can design and order all of these products online 🙂

rapidstudio affiliate offer

RapidStudio – CPS (11317)

Payout: You will be paid 7% per approved sale.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media

Notes: It does everything from photobooks to canvas all the way up to calendars

We have a wide range of creatives available in the creative section of the offer, so get those banners up and start earning.

If you have a family friendly site you should be running this offer. They offer beautifully presented photobooks that you can put together of your favourite photos.

Spring Creatives now available!

New spring creative has arrived

Spring is finally here! So get out the summer clothes and braais!

We are all so excited and so are our advertisers that they gave us some great specials with awesome new creatives!
new spring creative


Take advantage of these specials and fresh creatives to get your earnings up!

Monetizing the traffic to your website or to your social media pages depends largely on fresh interesting creative. The best way to make money online in South Africa is still through affiliate marketing.

We have added a large number of interesting new offers for you to run. The offers that have been around for a while also got a make over. There is new creative for you to grab right now at the Offerforge affiliate network.

Why are you not making money? Time for a website make over probably…

Questions? Pop me a mail!

Juicebubble has Brand New Creatives

New creative for the Juicebubble affiliate program

If you are an active Pokemon Trainer or not, by now we all know that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! Juicebubble has got new Pokemon Go themed shirts!

Juicebubble also know this, so they made some epic T-shirts and hoodies so that you can show your commitment to catching em all!

Juicebubble Pokemon go creative
JuiceBubble – CPS (11221)

Payout: 10% per approved sale
Allowed Traffic: email, display, sms, text links, social media
Notes: With a wide range of geeky and cool gadgets, t-shirts and hoodies sales have obviously been streaming in! Currently one of the top sales offers in the OfferForge network!

We have a huge variety of Creatives available in the Creative section of the offer so grab some banners and get earning!

PS – Every banner has a special coupon code the consumer can redeem on a first time purchase 😉

There are many different sales offers to run from This offer is however definitely one of the coolest ones you can run.

You want to offer your visitors something new and interesting and the new t-shirts available from them are a great option to run. Pick up their new creative and give it a go on your website!

Property Offers in focus at‏

Property offers in focus

This week we are focusing on Property Offers and so should you (P.S – We increased the payouts on BOTH offers! )

If you are looking to sell your house or buy a new one, we don`t always have the luxury of time to make sure we are getting the best deal, but luckily we have two FANTASTIC advertisers on board that can make the process easier and even make sure you keep some cash in hand.

property offers

Property Fox – HLF (11280)

Payout: You will be paid R60 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

Notes: Established in 2016 by two young and driven entrepreneurs. They embraced tech advancements and redesigned the sales model giving sellers the opportunity to sell for as little as R25 000 excl VAT once-off or 1,5% commission on transfer.


Home Bid – CPL (11286)

Payout: You will be paid R60 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

Notes: With Home Bid You ONLY pay 1.95% estate agent commission. They will help save the seller up to R65 000 for every R1 million of the value of their home. Now if that is not music to the ears then we don`t know what is!

Both of these lead generation offers have been converting like crazy for our affiliates! So if you have not picked it up yet then what are you waiting for?

We have banners and mailers in the creative section so go grab them and get earning!

New Offer – Date Factory

Date Factory affiliate marketing offer

These days it’s getting harder and harder to spend some quality time with your partner and just have a relaxed and much needed date night – Now YOU don`t have to worry about the planning anymore because Date Factory has got you covered.

Date Factory has joined bringing you a Date in a Box!

New Offer - Date Factory
DateFactory – CPS (11295)

Payout: You will be paid R24.50 per sale.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Email, Social Media

Notes: Targeting females between the ages of 25-40 has proven to convert the best. But the gents should also love this one, I mean, who doesn’t love surprising their loved one!

They have a variety of boxes available. So if it`s your first date, a special occasion or just for fun, they have you covered!

SIXT Car Rental launches CPS campaign

If you are looking to promote the best best car rental brand and experience then SIXT believes in listening to your fellow consumers to what they have to say about their service. This is definite if your audience are thinking about renting from a company for the first time. With customer reviews you can learn what a company is really about.

The Cost Per Sale (CPS) affiliate campaign offers you the chance to promote one of the most respected car rental brands in the world. It will especially work well on any site with a travel theme.

SIXT car rental CPS affiliate program on Offerforge

Therefore SIXT have published some of the Car Rental Reviews from all of their rental locations. We hope that with these testimonials that you will learn a lot about Sixt and how we serve you.

As Germany’s leading car rental company, SIXT is on successful Expansion course all over Europe and worldwide. Together with our Partners and Licensees, we are globally represented on more than 2.400 Service outlets.

Sixt brand name stands for:

  • The most advanced fleet of modern Cars for the best possible conditions
  • The largest Mercedes-Fleet of Cars worldwide
  • First-class partnerships with 29 renowned airlines and leading hotel-groups
  • Innovative solutions for online-services and e-commerce
  • Efficient marketing and powerful communication tools

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our full Publisher Agreement,

We look forward to paying you massive commissions every month!

Start earning today by picking up this affiliate campaign.

Hippo launches CPS affiliate marketing

At hippo we have it covered no matter if it’s Motoring, Household, Business, Personal or medical plus more. The affiliate marketing campaign launched for hippo is an exciting one as it covers all possible sides of insurance cover.

Vehicle insurance usually includes a few unexpected potholes, but Hippo promises you a smooth experience. Whether you need car and/or motorcycle insurance, or cover against nasty dents and scratches – we’ll guide you at every turn. cost per sale affiliate marketing campaign

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, you need to protect your property and prized possessions against theft, loss and damage.

There’s no place like home. It’s our sanctuary from the rat race and also a safe lodging for our belongings. Protect everything you own with home contents insurance and building insurance

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or the next billionaire, your business needs insurance cover straight away We understand how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to run a successful business – we’ve been around the block a few times.

The earning potential from this affiliate marketing option is huge as you would be able to direct people to them for a number of product choices increasing the likelihood of making sales.

Unfortunately, many business owners try to skate by without insurance, exposing their company to grave risk. Without coverage, a single blunder could drain your hard-earned resources and force you to close your doors.

Life does not always follow the expected path and the changes it brings are sometimes hard to bear.
You can’t prevent life’s mishaps but you can ensure that when they do happen, you have an insurance solution in place that can turn things around for you.

No matter what type of medical cover you need, Hippo will help you find the best value online. So, you can focus on getting better. Medical fees can burn a hole in your wallet, and when you are in need of urgent care, the last thing you should worry about is that looming bill. Hippo can help you find the health cover that best suits your needs.

Start earning today by picking up this campaign.

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The huge financial sector and especially the insurance side of it is every affiliate’s dream. There are way too many options available through this one for your customers. That directly translates into commission for you!

Future Health launches CPS campaign

Future Health is premium range of nutraceuticals scientifically formulated to assist healthy ageing and to counter degenerative diseases. Future Health’s new cost per sale (CPS) campaign launched on Offerforge helps connect affiliate marketers with the brand effectively.

The global nutraceuticals market is expected to reach $250 Billion by 2018*. With the nutraceutical market in South Africa growing strongly year on year, Future Health is ideally positioned through its wide range of high quality products to meet the consumer demand head on.

FutureHealth launches cost per sale affiliate campaign

About Future Health

The future of medicine depends on an integrative approach to counter degenerative disease and promote healthy ageing.

At Future Health we believe the huge diagnostic and therapeutic base of conventional medicine needs to integrate the benefits of supplementary medical interventions with neutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle adjustments.

For us the future is about customising and tailoring the supplements, nutriceuticals, bio-identical hormones and conventional allopathic treatments in accordance with this exclusive footprint of the individual. We know this is the only way to stem the tide and destruction of degenerative diseases.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are food or food products that provide health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Choosing the right nutracueticals can also help optimise your food intake while protecting you against various physical and environmental threats and/or mental and emotional challenges.

Your referrals have to purchase any product from the wide range of items on offer. You will earn a commission on any of the sales generated through your affiliate links.
View the store page here.

For more information related to the global health movement see this article

Start earning today by picking up this campaign.

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One of the strongest verticals in affiliate marketing is the health industry and it offers immense earning potential for advertisers.

Europcar launches CPS campaign in OfferForge

Europcar is one of South Africa’s leading car rental companies. We hold a Proudly South African membership and are owned by the IMPERIAL Group. With over 30 years in the car rental industry, customer service remains at the core of our business. We operate over 120 branches in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, and make local and international car rental bookings easy for our customers. We cater to short term and long-term car rental, Chauffeur Drive and transfers, and Van Rental.

Europcar CPS affiliate program launched on OfferForge

If you are at all involved in traveling you will know Europcar. Their CPS affiliate program has now launched in You can now add the convenience they offer as part of your travel packages and earn a commission on a CPS basis.

As South Africa is such a prime tourist destination there are large volumes to work with and this affiliate program would be ideal to add to your list of advertisers.

New advertisers: Faithful to Nature and Get Bucks

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature is South Africa’s leading online organic and natural store. With green and all things eco being the most talked about trend there is tremendous scope to promote the 2500 plus individual product lines ranging from natural cosmetics to gluten free food to organic household cleaning products and everything in between. Products like the biodegradable kitchen cloths; organic sunscreen or hemp socks make for interesting finds; plus the our blog is jam packed with information on all things natural and healthy and much more. We also offer amazing gift packs which work well for many different events, creating ample opportunity to make the sale.

The earning potential for affiliates from a campaign like this is really good. The main reason for this is the constant growth in the health market in South Africa. As more and more people are becoming health conscious these products would appeal to a large audience.

Promoting this products on a CPS basis where you would earn commission on every sale can become quite profitable. The profits associated with the health market online is huge and as a result affiliate marketing is abuzz with these types of offers… and with good reason.

getbucks affiliate program

The GetBucks affiliate program

The GetBucks service allows flexible online loans that are available whenever you need it. All you do is choose your required amount and desired repayment date. Terms are shown up front and there are no hidden costs!

The campaign their are running is a flat rate on a CPA basis. This affiliate program offers affiliates a good chance to earn extra cash as the offer is something that would appeal to a broad audience. So often people run into financial difficulties and have problems with cash flow.

By promoting GetBucks through our affiliate marketing network you would be able to turn your pageviews into cold hard cash.