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New Offer for Affiliates – The Footwear Warehouse

Footwear Warehouse

The Footwear Warehouse has joined!

They have the widest range of sneakers, running shoes and even something stylish to compliment that suite 🙂 Best part – they sell real leather shoes at amazing prices!

footwear warehouse affiliate marketing offer

The Footwear Warehouse (11326)
Payout: You will be paid 2% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, text links, Social Media
Notes: The Footwear Warehouse offers a wide range of big brand names at very affordable prices – you can market this to a very wide audience as they cover anything from running shoes to high heels. With a very easy to use site and sales at massive reduced prices this is sure to be a hit with the consumers!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer so get the offer up today.

Judging by the success of other fashion brands online, you will definitely do well running this one. With the incredible selection they have on offer, you need to get your hands on some!

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We thought we would just remind you that we also have some amazing Sales Offers at!

Netflorist and Homechoice have been long standing offers and have been showing amazing conversions month in and month out.


Netflorist – (CPS) (24)
Payout: You will be paid 10% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Notes: Netflorist is a household name in South Africa – with their flower and gift selection (don`t forgot the yummy bakery), they will put a smile on anyones face!
P.S – Netflorist Singapore and Netflorist Malaysia is also active in the network!


HomeChoice – (CPS – p) (11095)

Payout: You will be paid 15% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Notes: HomeChoice is the largest home shopping retailer in Southern Africa.You can buy anything from bedding, curtains, towels, cookware, dinnerware, appliances, electronics, luggage and furniture. Easy online shopping 🙂

These two offers also have brand new creatives that are uploaded on a regular bases so you can make sure your consumers always see the latest promotions 🙂