Insurance Affiliate Marketing Offer – Alexander Forbes Life

Insurance Affiliate Marketing Offer from Alexander Forbes

You already know Alexander Forbes has been a long standing offer with, well they have expanded! They have a new insurance affiliate marketing offer.

We would like to welcome the latest addition – Alexander Forbes Life πŸ™‚

Alexander Forbes Life insurance affiliate marketing offer

Alexander Forbes – Life (11318)

You will be paid R50 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Email, sms, Social Media.

Notes: Alexander Forbes brings you the best in Life Insurance from old age benefits all the way to 100% cover on terminal Illness*

Targeting :

Ages: 25 – 50 years
Salary: 10k plus

Email Creative and banners are available in the creative section of the offer, so grab them now and get earning!

New Offer for our Affiliate Marketers: Matrix Security

Matrix Security

We have another amazing offer available for our affiliates to run: Matrix Security!

A well known and long established company – Matrix Security has joined us, and this time with the focus on making all the wonderful mom`s and ladies out there safe on the road πŸ™‚

Matrix Security affiliate offer

Matrix Security (11320)

Payout: You will be paid R100 per completed application.

Allowed Traffic:
Display, Email, sms, Social Media.

Notes: Matrix has grown to become the superior provider of vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery products to SA road users. They have also developed A wide range of value added safety features.

Please note this campaign is targeting Females only.

Email creative and banners are available when you log in. If you are unsure of anything then please get in touch!

Safety is always a big concern in South Africa and people are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their security. By promoting this affiliate program you will be able to generate a health profit from any completed applications.

New Offer – Diners Club

Diners Club offer

We once again have an amazing offer for all our SMS Publishers – Diners Club has joined!

Diners Club Logo

Diners Club (11319)

Payout: You will be paid R50 per completed application,

Allowed Traffic: SMS only

Notes: Belonging to Diners Club affords entry to a world of products, benefits, features, rewards and opportunities! Locally or International. Plus, new members now get a Credit Card that offers more flexibility than a charge card.

We have two different SMS Creatives which are both available from your Account Manager.

Globally affiliate marketers thrive on credit card offers. This is because it is such a popular offer with such a wide range of consumers.

You would be able to run this offer successfully on a number of different sites. You might think that it would be popular mostly on sites related to finances, but you’ll be amazed.

All you need to do is get your visitors to complete the application form. You will be paid for every completed application form.

Competition of the week – R1000 Mr Price Voucher

Mr Price voucher up for grabs for your visitors

We have BRAND NEW weekly competitions, first up – a R1000 Mr Price Voucher πŸ™‚

Mr Price Voucher competition

SA Consumer Short Competitions (11228)

Payout: You will be paid R3.50 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

Mr Price is one of the most popular clothing stores in SA – and with summer just around the corner who can say no to a pretty flower dress and some cool beach wear πŸ˜‰

New banners are available in the Creative section of the offer. Remember this is an easy one to make money on. You will get paid for every unique entry into the competition.

Looking to mail the offer? Pop us a mail then we will get you set up.

New Offer – Vodacom Life

Vodacom Life lead generation offer

Are you looking for a new sms offer to run? Well we have the perfect one from Vodacom Life!

They have joined and we are calling on all our sms publishers to get in touch so that we can get you set up πŸ™‚

Vodacom Life

Vodacom Life – HLF (11316)

Payout: You will be paid 2 P per approved contract.

Allowed Traffic: SMS only

Notes: Vodacom is already a house hold name in South Africa and with their Life cover added to their normal mobile focus, you can be assured that the conversions will show. Only SMS is allowed on this offer.

SMS Creative is available from your Account Manager.

The earning potential on this offer is huge as a result of the commission you can earn.

Offer in Focus – SA Consumer Short Competitions

SA Consumer Short Competitions – why you should run it

We just wanted to remind you that ALL our competitions under SA Consumer Short Competitions are still active, so you can still run them all!

If you are looking to push up your revenue then this offer is a certain must.

SA Consumer Short Competitions

With 1 in 5 clicks converting you will be surprised how quickly your income can start to pick up πŸ™‚

Running offers on your site is one thing, but getting them convert is a whole different story. This is however made a lot easier with an offer like this.

What really sets this offer apart is that it converts really well. The pull of a prize element results in more people clicking through. South Africans are notorious for their enthusiasm when it comes to prize giveaways. This one is no different and you will get paid for every completed competition entry.

EDIT: There is a new competition survey offer in town – Consumer Rewards. Check it out!

Auto Assist: Payout Increase on Lead Generation Offer

High paying lead generation offer!

If you are looking for a lead generation offer that really helps to fill your pocket, then you should read further…. We know the weather has been a bit gloomy this week but we don`t want you to be so that`s why we decided to give you ANOTHER payout increase on a offer πŸ˜‰

We have increased the payout on our Auto Assist offer with R25, starting now!

Auto Assist lead generation offer

Auto Assist – HLF (11313)

Payout: Will be increased from R100 to R125 per validated lead
Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email
Notes:Target consumers looking to buy a new car and need finance or consumers who are looking to re-finance their vehicles

We have banners and a mailer available in the creative section so if you are not running it yet then there is no better time than now.

Mobi-Cell Payout Increase

Mobi-Cell Payout Increase

Mobi-Cell has certainly become a very popular offer under the Affiliates, bringing in numerous sales every single month and still climbing!

So we decided to up the payout with R25 starting 1 August 2016 πŸ™‚

Mobi-Cell – CPS (11262)
Payout: Will be increased from R30 to R55 per activation from 1 August 2016
Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email
Notes: You don`t have to do any of the work – just apply and they will match you up with the best service provider! Easy peasy.

All creatives are available in the creative section of the offer so go grab some banners and get that mailer out to increase your chances!

The offer is already one of our most popular offers on and this has happened in a very short time. This is however understandable as the offer really appeals to a wide demographic in South Africa.

Top Sales Offers at

Sales offers on

We thought we would just remind you that we also have some amazing Sales Offers at!

Netflorist and Homechoice have been long standing offers and have been showing amazing conversions month in and month out.


Netflorist – (CPS) (24)
Payout: You will be paid 10% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Notes: Netflorist is a household name in South Africa – with their flower and gift selection (don`t forgot the yummy bakery), they will put a smile on anyones face!
P.S – Netflorist Singapore and Netflorist Malaysia is also active in the network!


HomeChoice – (CPS – p) (11095)

Payout: You will be paid 15% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Display, Email
Notes: HomeChoice is the largest home shopping retailer in Southern Africa.You can buy anything from bedding, curtains, towels, cookware, dinnerware, appliances, electronics, luggage and furniture. Easy online shopping πŸ™‚

These two offers also have brand new creatives that are uploaded on a regular bases so you can make sure your consumers always see the latest promotions πŸ™‚

Competition of the week – Win a R2500 shopping trip

Easy lead generation: Win a R2500 shopping trip competition

The weekly competition is ready and this week we are giving away a R2500 shopping trip! The lucky winner will have the opportunity to spend their winnings at any mall or store of their choice.

Win a R2500 shopping trip

SA Consumer Short Competitions (11228)

Payout: You will be paid R3.50 per completed survey.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email, Sms

Notes: Week in and week out this offer shows to be most popular and highest converting. I mean, who doesn’t want to win awesome prizes?

The idea behind the competition is very simple and that makes it such an easy offer to run. Your website visitors are incentivized to enter the competitions as a result of the prizes associated with them.

You are the lucky one however who will receive R3.50 for each one of the competition surveys. It is one of the most popular promotions on Offerforge, especially for sites that have a high volume of traffic, but not in a specific niche.