SaleShop Offer on hold – 11-11-2016

SaleShop Offer on hold – Please swap out your Affiliate links


Please note that the SaleShop offer is currently on hold. They are busy making changes to the site.

If you are currently running this offer, please swap out your Affiliate links as soon as possible to avoid losing out on commissions.

Suggested Offers:
Bid or Buy

RCS Card, are you running it yet? – 10-11-2016

If you are not running RCS Card yet then you better start! This is a popular offer among Affiliates and for good reason – remember that Black Friday and Christmas is around the corner, don`t let your consumers miss out on the awesome deals!

RCS Card

RCS Card (11300)

Payout: You will be paid R70 for every credit worthy consumer who completes the first page registration.

Allowed Traffic:
Email, Display

Notes: If your consumers are looking for the best store card then this offer is a no brainer. With over 600 stores nationwide they really make life a little easier.

If you are interested in running this RCS offer on email or display please contact me so that I can assist you in setting up.

HOT Offers – Scorpion Legal and Triarc

If you are looking for 2 new HOT Affiliate offers to run, then I have just that!

Scorpion Legal and Triarc have been up there with the top convertors so if you are looking for a legal and life offer then you better get these up and running ๐Ÿ™‚

Triarc Life

Triarc – HLF (11222)

Payout: R80 per validated lead

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, sms, text links, Social Media

Notes: Please note that consumers have to earn R10 000 plus and be interested in a quote from Triarc in order for you to qualify for this payout.

*Triarc offers HIV+ options for Life Cover.

Scorpion Legal

Scorpion Legal – (HLF) (11120)

Payout: R24 per validated lead

Allowed Traffic: Display, text links,

Notes: Please note that consumers have to earn R3 000 plus, be able to afford R40 p/m premiums and be interested in a quote from Scorpion Legal in order for you to qualify.

Increased Payouts on HopOn Loans

HopOn Loans has increased payouts for Affiliates ๐Ÿ™‚

HopOn Loans OfferForge

HopOn Loans (11331)

R15 per application
R200 for first Loan
R100 for subsequent loan

Allowed Traffic: Email, Banners

Notes: HopOn Loans lets users apply for a loan online quickly and easily. They give loans of up to R50 000 over 7 to 36 months.

This offer has been converting extremely well since the launch and with increased payouts there is no reason not to give it a go!

CashBag Rewards Competition extended AGAIN

The amount of competition entries are overwhelming! So instead of stopping, CashBag has decided to keep spreading the word ๐Ÿ™‚

This is easy money – download the toolbar, make a purchase and they are entered.

CashBag Competition for Affiliates

CashBag Rewards(11211)

Payout: You will be paid R15 per toolbar installation (desktop only).

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media, Email

*This competition has been extended to Wednesday, 30 November 2016.
The lucky winner will be notified on 1 December 2016.

If you are not running this offer yet then get those banners up and emails out!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer.

New Offer for Affiliates – The Footwear Warehouse

Footwear Warehouse

The Footwear Warehouse has joined!

They have the widest range of sneakers, running shoes and even something stylish to compliment that suite ๐Ÿ™‚ Best part – they sell real leather shoes at amazing prices!

footwear warehouse affiliate marketing offer

The Footwear Warehouse (11326)
Payout: You will be paid 2% per approved sale.
Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, text links, Social Media
Notes: The Footwear Warehouse offers a wide range of big brand names at very affordable prices – you can market this to a very wide audience as they cover anything from running shoes to high heels. With a very easy to use site and sales at massive reduced prices this is sure to be a hit with the consumers!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer so get the offer up today.

Judging by the success of other fashion brands online, you will definitely do well running this one. With the incredible selection they have on offer, you need to get your hands on some!

Triarc is back with increased payouts on their affiliate program!

Earn more with the Triarc affiliate program

Triarc Life Insurance is back and we have decided to up the payout, instead of paying you R70 per lead, we decided to move it up to R80!

More reason to start pushing this offer out!

Triarc affiliate program now paying even more

Triarc – HLF (11222)

Payout: R80 per validated lead
Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, sms, text links, Social Media
Notes: Please note that consumers have to earn R10 000 plus and be interested in a quote from Triarc in order for you to qualify for this payout.

No one has every said “No” to more cash. Any of the leads you generate will now earn R80 per unique lead. This offer will run well on a number of different sites, but mostly on finance related sites as well as family focused website.

The insurance industry is always on the lookout for quality leads generated. If you can deliver on this need, you will definitely feel the positive change in your bank balance. Life insurance is a product that everyone needs, so you can’t really go wrong!

The industry is huge in South Africa at the moment. The brand is relative newcomer in a very established crowd. This is however one of its main advantages as they offer something new and fresh to customers.

Mahindra lead generation offer is back!

Mahindra test drive lead generation offer is back!

The Mahindra campaign is back and we are looking for more Test Drives!

mahindra lead generation offer

Mahindra – HLF (11169)

Payout: You will be paid R80 per valid lead.
Allowed Media: Display, Social Media, Email, Text Links
Notes: The new Mahindra XUV 500 has certainly made a massive impression on the South African market. With dealerships nationwide you can rest assured that your consumers will be able to Test Drive this amazing car!

Creatives can be found in the Creative Section of the offer. Are you looking to email? Let me know then I will get you set up.

It is a brand on the rise in the South African market. Where other manufacturers have struggled to keep sales steady during the past financial year, there was positive growth for the brand.

There is huge international backing for the brand and a lot of research and development goes into constantly improving their products. When you promote them, you would get paid a whopping R80 for every unique test drive lead generated!

Debt Eraser offer is back!

Debt Eraser affiliate program is back!

Debt Eraser is live again, so get the banners back up, we are waiting for your leads ๐Ÿ™‚

debt eraser logo

Debt Eraser – (HLF)(11105)

Payout: You will be paid R40 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, Social Media

Qualifying Criterias:
Monthly Income: R9 000 Plus
Not be under Debt Review
Must be over indebted
South African Resident

Log into your dashboard and grab the banners!

As far as affiliate marketing offers go there are very few that suit the South African market better. South African consumers are some of the most indebted in the world. As a result the number of people who need help managing their debt is alarming.

Your involvement would be to help point people in the right direction to help them sort out their debt problems. In return for this you will be paid R40 for every validated unique lead you sent through.

Happy Haunting with our Halloween creatives

Halloween banners are here!

Trick or Treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat! It is Halloween time…

The time of year where we all escape reality and dress up, feed the kids too much sweets and just have a Ghโ€™oul time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Netflorist and Juicebubble have joined in the fun so make sure to order your creepy T and spoil the kids with a scary cupcake!

300x250 juicebubble halloween banner

netflorist 300x250 halloween

If you are not running these offers then click here to run Netflorist and Juicebubble now!

These offers are right up there with the top converting sales offers so join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!

You would be able to grab all of this creative on right now. It is time for everyone to relax a bit and just have some fun. There is however nothing wrong with making some money from it…