CrashDetech Affiliate Program Launches on OfferForge

We’re pleased to announce the launch of CrashDetech, a revolutionary new APP that’s set to change the way South Africans use emergency response.


The  CrashDetech affiliate program in partnership with OfferForge will grow the app installed user base, while paying advertising partners (affiliates) a commission for each new subscriber.

CrashDetech pays out 50% of the first month’s subscription, with no clawbacks or long term contracts.Your visitors complete a simple form and download the app.

We have a selection of banners available in all popular sizes.

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Allowed Media

  • E-Mail
  • Display
  • Social Media
  • SMS
  • In-App Ads

How to make money with CrashDetech’s affiliate programme.

CrashDetech is a perfect companion marketing program for automotive sites, with a high car user base. Parenting, family & travel sites would also be and ideal match as the customer is predominantly family centered.

How CrashDetech saves lives.

With an average of over 47 fatalities on South African roads daily, the founders of CrashDetech set out to build a service that would immediately alert emergency services in the event an accident occurred.

The app uses GPS and movement tracking built into mobile phones and determines when an accident occurs.

The service alerts emergency services and directs them to the scene of the accident.

The award winning app has been profiled widely on CNN, BBC News, SA News channels and in the mainstream press.


As a user of the service, I can personally vouch for its accuracy and effectiveness.  I was concerned that it would drain my battery life, but I haven’t even noticed its impact on my phone.

A handy feature is that after every trip it tracks you can select whether it was personal or business use, so in actually fact its also a cool trip cost calculator.


Mid-Jan affiliate program updates

What keeps you awake at night?

So for me it turns out, aside from the neighbors cat, what keeps me up is when I skip my weekend mailer and it bugs me like crazy that I haven’t updated you on the status of all our offers 😉
Jan might be a long month for most of us, but finance offers are on fire! I recommend you check out the finance offers. Credit/Store cards, loans & debt assistance are just killing it on Facebook, Display & Email. Even SMS (if you’ve got opt-in data) will result in high responses.

I was asked to explain Host-n-Post last week for those of you that haven’t yet worked with it, thanks for that question, Jaco V! I’ll be putting up a video on how to use host-n-Post in the next day or so. Subscribe on Youtube or like us on Facebook to get updated as soon as I put it up.

To run any of these offers, log in, grab the code or apply to run the offer and you’ll all set.

Offer NameTrackingePayout
Consumer RewardsLead FormmR3.50
SA Rewards – CPLPixelR3.50
SA Consumer Short CompetitionsLead FormmR3.50
Bidvest – SMS OnlyLead FormmR34.00
Mahindra – HLFLead FormmR80.00
Credit Card
RCS – Game Stores Credit Card – CPAPixelR25.50
RCS – Makro Card – CPAPixelR25.50
RCS Credit CardPixelR70.00
Cyber Finance – HLFLead FormmR35.00
Debt Eraser – (HLF)Lead FormmR40.00
Finance & Loans
Boodle – CPSPixelR10.00
HopOn Loans – CPAPixelR15.00
TransUnion – CPSPixelR30.00
Wealthy Ever After – CPAPixelR525.00
RCS LoansPixelR70.00
Practical Pips – CPAPixelR250.00
Alexander Forbes – LifeLead FormmR50.00
Clientele Hospital – Web OnlyLead FormmR21.00
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – SMS OnlyLead FormmR20.00
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – Web OnlyLead FormmR20.00
KingPrice – CPLPixelR100.00
Clientele Hospital – EMAIL ONLYLead FormmR21.00
Clientele Hospital – SMS ONLYLead FormmR21.00
Different Life – (HLF)Lead FormmR55.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – Email OnlyLead FormmR30.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – SMS OnlyLead FormmR30.00
Hollard Motor Xtender – Web OnlyLead FormmR30.00
Iwyze – (HLF)Lead FormmR72.00
My Personal BrokerLead FormmR70.00
Only Us – CPLPixelR15.00
SA Taxi – HLFLead FormmR36.00
Scorpion Legal – (HLF)Lead FormmR24.00
Triarc – HLFLead FormmR80.00
Online Shopping
BestBranding – CPSPixel3.00 % (R)
Bid Or Buy – (CPS – p)PixelR60.00
BuyFastPixel3.00 % (R)
CashBag RewardsPixelR15.00
CSA PhotoBooksPixel6.00 % (R)
DateFactory – CPSPixelR24.50
DirtBody – CPSPixel20.00 % (R)
DotTech – CPSPixel10.00 % (R)
Flowers – (CPS – p)Pixel12.00 % (R)
Happy Tails BoxPixel7.00 % (R)
Hunter SA – CPSPixel7.00 % (R)
JuiceBubble – CPSPixel10.00 % (R)
Kaspersky – (CPS – p)Pixel20.00 % (R)
LockLatch – CPS Pixel7.00 % (R)
Mantality – (CPS – p)Pixel10.00 % (R)
Netflorist – (CPS)Pixel10.00 % (R)
Netflorist – (CPS) – MalaysiaPixel10.00 % (RM)
Netflorist – (CPS) – SingaporePixel10.00 % ($)
NetReady IgnitionPixel$63.00
PoshPatterns – CPSPixel12.00 % (R)
ProGifts (CPS – p)Pixel10.00 % (R)
RapidStudio – CPSPixel7.00 % (R)
SweetBouquet – CPSPixel12.00 % (R)
The Footwear Warehouse – CPS Pixel2.00 % (R)
Property & Security
Property Fox – HLFLead FormmR60.00
React Alarms – HLFLead FormmR15.00
RoutePerfect – CPAPixel$50.00

RCS Store Cards Lead Generation exclusively on OfferForge

Christmas 2016 is officially STAYCATION SEASON.
Our Web Traffic Stats are showing that either SA is staying home or they’ve taken the web with them on vacation 😉

The silly season is also the perfect time to promote retail credit offers on your website, social pages or opt-in email.

Which Brand would you Prefer?

  • RCS Store Credit Card
  • CAPE UNION MART Store Credit Card
  • GAME Store Credit Card
  • QUEENSPARK Store Credit Card
  • SUPAQUICK Store Credit Card
email1 email2 email3


RCS Store cards are the undisputed leaders in Retail Credit, and with so many branded cards to choose from, applications are converting exceedingly well.

Did you Know?:  Consumers can use an RCS Card anywhere RCS is accepted, not just at their branded store.

EMAIL, BANNERS & TEXT LINKS available.  Drop me a mail and I’ll get you set up and send you your personalized links.

Paused Offers at – 30-11-2016

Please note that the following Affiliate offers are on hold.

If you are currently running the following offers, please swap out your Affiliate links as soon as possible to avoid losing out on commissions:

Hollard Motor Xtender – Web Only
Hollard Motor Xtender – SMS ONLY
Hollard Motor Xtender – EMAIL ONLY
Standard Bank Life

Suggested Offers:
Different Life
King Price

If you need any of the creative packs then please let me know, I will send them over!

New Offer for Affiliates – Cyber Finance – 29-11-2016

Cyber Finance has joined

They offer a range of effective services that provide over-indebted consumers with an affordable debt repayment solution.

So help your visitors to enjoy this Holiday season with peace of mind and some extra cash 🙂

Cyber Finance

Cyber Finance (11374)

Payout: You will be paid R35 per validated lead

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, Social Media

Notes: With the assistance of their trained debt counsellors and through the debt review process, consumers undertake a debt repayment plan that will allow them to have enough to spend on daily living expenses while they settle their debts and return to the credit market.

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer so get the offer up today.

REMINDER: Get your Black Friday Codes for tomorrow! – 24-11-2016


If you don`t have your codes for the offers below then go grab them quickly! You don`t want to miss out on this, Black Friday is getting bigger each year so increase your earning potential!

Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday

PLEASE NOTE: All codes can be found in the description of the offers once logged in to your dashboard.

If you are not sure where to find them or if you have any questions, pop me a mail,

Let`s make some sales!!

Please pause Clientele Hospital SMS / Web / Email – 24-11-2016

Please note that the Clientele Hospital offers are on hold.

If you are currently running the following offers, please swap out your Affiliate links as soon as possible to avoid losing out on commissions:

Clientele Hospital – Web Only
Clientele Hospital – SMS ONLY
Clientele Hospital – EMAIL ONLY

Suggested Offers:
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – SMS Only
Hollard Hospital Cash Back – Web Only

If you would like the Creative Packs for these offers then please let me know!

We have Black Friday Coupon Codes! – 22-11-2016

Black Friday is around the corner and everyone is getting ready!

So to help you out, we got some coupon codes for the Affiliates on the following offers 🙂

Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday

PLEASE NOTE: All codes can be found in the description of the offers once logged in to your dashboard.

If you are not sure where to find them or if you have any questions, pop me a mail,

Let`s make some sales!!

Ending Movember on a high note! – 22-11-2016

Movember is not over yet! Mantality still has some cool merchandise so get those creatives out and help support a good cause.

Mantality Movember

Mantality (320)

Payout: You will be paid 10% on every sale made

Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, sms, text links, Social Media

Notes: Mantality supports Movember so let`s try and make some sales and add to the good cause!
*Don`t forget to check out their other awesome products!

Creatives are available in the creative section of the offer.

New Offer for Affiliates – Hollard Motor Xtender – 16-11-2016

Hollard Motor Xtender is back!

It`s not a secret that numerous South Africans are driving around with cars that have long passed their warranty period, so we now have the perfect Affiliate Offer for you – Extended Motor Warranty allows you to cover your car even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Hollard Motor Xtender

Hollard Motor Xtender (11345)

Payout: You will be paid R30 per validated lead.

Allowed Traffic: Display, SMS, Email

Notes: Please remember to select the correct offer depending on how you will be delivering leads:
• Hollard Motor Xtender – Email Only
• Hollard Motor Xtender – SMS Only
• Hollard Motor Xtender – Web Only

Log into your dashboard and grab the banners, or mailer! If you want to SMS please contact me so that I can set you up and give you the creatives.

The brand is one of the most popular in the South African financial sector. Promoting a well-known brand versus a relative unknown makes it easier to drive conversions.

With the opportunity to drive conversions through a number of channels you can really generate a decent income through this offer. Lead generation offers are always popular with affiliates as it is dependent on a quality lead and not a sale.