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Kaspersky Special Affiliate Offer

I read last night that cats rule the internet, so here’s my attempt to get your attention on my critically important update.

I want your links! I must have them and I’m so totally willing to pay 😉

OK, so I know link juice actually means SEO direct links, but how’s an affiliate supposed to earn when you’re just giving away link juice? Hell no, we want money, so affiliate link juice rules.

If you’re looking for some monetization this week, look no further than the Surveys that are totally dominating. We’ve got over a dozen surveys running (see my blog post last week if you missed it) and The best performing ones are ‘Win a Weekend’ and ‘Mr Price’. These surveys are pushing EPC’s well over R2.30 per click so it’s converting like clappers.



With internet fraud, privacy hacking and virus attacks on the increase, our premium advertiser Kaspersky has launched a new offer on their award winning software.

Affiliates earn 20.00 % revenue share on all sales and consumers get an extra 3 months free with every subscription of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

They have products for all operating systems and even have mobile devices covered.

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