How Affiliate Marketing Delivers Guaranteed Results for eCommerce Stores.

Imagine a world where all your advertising paid for itself and you had no risk whatsoever. You could focus on picking, packing and shipping while your army of affiliate partners promoted your products to their audiences.

That’s the power of Affiliate Marketing.

An affiliate marketing program enables you to build a powerhouse sales team that will market and promote your products and are PAID PURELY on RESULTS.

No click fees, no high priced advertising contracts, just a friendly, open and transparent relationship based on Affiliate Marketing Principles.

So what are these Affiliate Marketing Principles?

It’s a partnership between you and your independent affiliate partners.

Who are my best Affiliate Publishers?

Publishers could be blogs, newsletters or content site. They promote your store and in return they earn commissions on every successful sale they refer. Gone is your risk and the never-ending cycle of advertising. You simply agree to pay your publishing partner for every sale they refer and we take care of all the heavy lifting.

It’s a fair and equitable relationship based on trust.

The affiliate trusts you to track the sales and pay them for the business they refer and you in turn honour this trust by providing them with the transparency and accountability to help them grow your business!

As an eCommerce store owner, affiliates rely on you as much as you do them. It’s a partnership in which both parties must deliver value.

OfferForge tracks the transactions, enables the accounting & payments an ensures everything runs smoothly.
Yes, I want to launch my Affiliate Program, contact me!

  • Pay only for sales results
  • Grows your eCommerce Brand
  • Generates quality leads
  • Drives new Customer Acquisition
  • Innovative Advertising Opportunities
  • Accuracy & Accountability
  • Performance-Based Remuneration


Why Choose Us

Wide range

For your business to succeed you must reach as many potential customers as possible. OfferForge has over 22 000 targeted publishers across all sectors.

Advertiser support

You’ll work closely with an account executive, who will assist you through the process of setting up, monitoring and optimising your performance.

Qualified & relevant traffic

You need more than just volume; you need quality affiliates. We work closely with our affiliates to ensure that your offer is correctly targeted and is reaching your audience.

Self service or fully managed

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or in need of individual management, we have a solution to suit your particular requirements.