PAYOUT – R2400 per conversion


CURRENCY – South Africa Rand (R) 



  • You need to be a South African citizen to qualify. Debt review is a statutory debt relief program introduced to help South African consumers with their debt. You will have to provide a legal ID or passport documentation to qualify for debt review. 
  • The debt review process can only assist consumers who are over-indebted and earning an income. You need an income to make a reasonable offer to your credit providers when negotiating a lower repayment.
  • You need to have more than R50k in total debt. The process is beneficial for those who have large amounts of debt including secured debt such as a bond or vehicle.

    Approval Terms for Mailing:
    *Note – Publishers guilty of not adhering to the following restrictions on this campaign will not be paid on leads/sales generated and could be removed from the Network.

    • Must email opt in data
    • Before sending any email, please send a test message to [email protected] for approval.
    • Only provided HTML email creative is allowed to be used for email practices.
    • Only approved subject lines are allowed to be used for email practices.
    • Must have a valid unsubscribe
    • Must have a valid return path email address
    • Brand names are strictly prohibited for the use in From Names or From Addresses.
    • Must not be misleading: Debt Rescue mailers require a sender header – Please ensure you replace the header banner placeholder with your own branded mailer. Consumers are required to know that this mailer is being sent on behalf of and does not come directly from Debt Rescue. 

    Debt Rescue

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    The debt review process, also known as debt counselling, was introduced in 2007 by the NCR to help struggling consumers from becoming blacklisted and to help those who are unable to meet their current debt repayments. Debt review legislation is designed to protect consumers by ensuring they have affordable legal protection from credit providers in the case that a consumer ever becomes overburdened by debt. 10.53 Million South Africans likely have too much debt to cope.

    Getting out of debt can be almost impossible to achieve without legal help when you are over-indebted. Sometimes it’s not possible to reduce your living costs any further. The only other option is to reduce your debt repayments. To do this, you’ll need a registered Debt Counsellor such as Debt Rescue who can negotiate on your behalf.

    Join Debt Rescue and help educate credit active consumers that there is help available.  

    If you have trouble finding creative or approved subject lines, please contact us for help.

    Program Updates

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change to Debt Rescue Offer – 
    These terms are effective 1 November 2022

    Affiliate Payout: R2400 per Sale

    Qualified Sale:
    A qualified sale is deemed to have occurred when the customer makes the first payment, after concluding a contract with Debt Rescue.
    This means, your commission will be added once the customer has signed the agreement and their first debit order has successfully been run.

    Approved marketing methods:
    You may use your website, any groups, forums, social media you own or are the administrator of and have permission to post on to promote our services. You must not use affiliate links on any social media groups or forums you do not have express permission to post on.
    If you have any doubt, reach out to your affiliate manager.

    Lead Brokering:
    No lead brokering / manually entered leads will be accepted.

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    We’re proud to announce the launch of Debt Rescue!

    Earn R2400 per conversion.