PAYOUT – 20%


CURRENCY – US Dollar ($) 


RESTRICTIONS – The product is only offered for business owners with Facebook pages or agencies who manage Facebook pages on behalf of their clients.

CompEat | Facebook Comparison Tool

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CompEat is a comprehensive Facebook Comparison Tool which provides Business Owners with an analysis about their business against their competitors on Facebook.

Affiliates earn 20% monthly recurring revenue, for the life of your customer.
At a price point of $600/y  – $840/y that’s $120 – $168 commission on every customer referred.

CompEat enables social marketers to make smart advertising decisions. This tool is going to be a hot addition for marketers in 2021. It’s the SEOMoz & Ahrefs of Social Media.

Want to know how your Facebook page stacks up against the competition?  With CompEat your customers can view a comparison of audience size, engagement rate and followers against competition and identify what makes competitors social media strategies successful.

This is a unique competitor analysis tool with no other product offering the analysis that CompEat does.

CompEat enables marketing experts to identify areas where business can improve by receiving month on month Facebook analysis reports to identify the growth and shortfall of a business page’s performance.

The tool is ideal for business owners and agencies.

It’s a one of a kind competitor analysis tool which will have a large uptake due to demand.

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Program Updates

Launch (ID:#11630)
We’re proud to announce the launch of CompEat – Facebook comparison tool.