Affiliate Marketing Portal Navigation

Affiliate Dashboard

On the left Navigation Tab you’ll see Featured Offers. Below the featured offer is a navigation menu and the name of your contact at Offerforge.
The affiliate marketing dashboard tab opens all the key reports you need to view your campaigns, performance, top converting offer and payment status.

affiliate marketing portal dashboard



Affiliates can search for Offers by selecting the Offers sub tab to the left of their main dashboard view.  From here, Affiliates  have the ability to narrow down their search results by using the search functionality on the left.  All available Offers will show to the right.  Top open an Offer, simply click the hyperlink of the Offer name.

Affiliate Marketing Reports


Affiliates can view their affiliate marketing reports by selecting the Reports tab to the left of their main dashboard view.

Within reports, affiliates will be able to drill down into a variety of reports, which you can see above.


All the latest news on new campaigns, updates and cancellations are posted here.

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