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Are you Ready For Performance Mobile Marketing?

Performance Mobile Marketing: Time to step it up

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the year. With productivity at an all time low due to world-cup fever & cold weather we thought we’d brighten your day with some great news. The time to focus on mobile marketing is here.

The Guardian Newspaper this month reported that African Mobile Web will continue it’s exponential growth.Latest estimates are that we’ll reach 635 Million mobile web subscribers by end of 2014 alone!

Mobile App Marketing is set to Dominate

Consumer Brands including Standard Bank, Absa, Mr. Price and Media24 are directing significant funding and resource into winning the app wars. Developing the app is however only the first step. The fight for visibility and territory on consumer’s devices is hotting up. We spotted this trend early and it drove us to engineer solutions for Mobile Web Advertising.

It’s taken us over a year and we’re happy to announce our advertising network is now fully mobile optimized.

 How do you market an App?

ios_android mobile marketing

If I had a Rand for each time I’ve seen an app advertised only to be directed to the wrong store, I’d have enough for a great dinner (at least). Now imagine that wasted adspend multiplied by thousands of visitors. It’s not just the adspend that goes wasted, but the lost revenue and opportunity cost is equally, if not more damaging. That’s why we now feature advanced carrier, device and operating system targeting.

Only want Android Vodacom Users on Samsung Tablets? No problem! Want to send iPhone 5 users to a different link? Sure!

We’ve also moved beyond the click and feature integrated PPI (Pay-Per-Install) and PPD (pay-per-download) tracking. This enables app developers and marketers to understand where they’re getting traction, what it’s costing per download or install and where they can save costs. We’ve even put together a SDK for app developers, so you can integrate us right off the bat.

Really, would you expect anything less from us?

Why Mobile App Marketing matters.

Retailers, Banks and other local App publishers rely on Google Play and iTunes to list their apps. With thousands of apps being submitted monthly, it’s easy to disappear and lose valuable front page territory.

Only apps that spread virally and gain the most popularity remain featured.

It’s understandably hard for South African app publishers to compete with globally available apps and gain traction, as international markets are far larger.

By leveraging our marketing capabilities these publishers can now increase downloads, measure the results and ensure marketing spend is being optimized.

You can track mobile, but to get the big picture you need to track and analyze so much more.

OfferForge Mobile is fully integrated our multi-channel performance marketing platform. We merge attribution analytics from mobile and all of your other marketing channels, all on a single platform, significantly increasing visibility across the entire customer journey.

If you’ve read all of the above, you can probably tell we’re rather passionate about mobile web! Give us a call if you have any questions or comments, we’re happy to exchange ideas.

This month’s Featured Advertisers

QuickSilver. We’re totally stoked this iconic brand has selected OfferForge to power their customer acquisition & drive e-commerce sales across the SA market. Check out their store online at

quicksilver affiliate offer

StormFall MMCG. Massive Multiplayer Casual Gaming has taken off and is no longer the dominion of geeks! StormFall is a leader in the online & mobile gaming space, with thousands of players simultaneously battling it out, for free. We’re as happy as an Elven Archer to have been selected to spearhead customer acquisition. Here’s to many happy hours, some virtual bloodshed and lots of new online gamers!

affiliate program for stormfall

That’s all for this edition. Have questions? Feel free to mail me any time.

Debtsafe affiliate offer back in OfferForge

Debtsafe affiliate program

We are pleased to inform you that the DebtSafe affiliate program offer is once again running in OfferForge.

Customer Benefits:

A registered debt counselor will review and restructure your referrals’ credit obligations to an affordable level. The debt review process will result in a court order which will protect them from their creditors.

The National Credit Act prescribes Debt Counseling as a legal remedy for over indebtedness. This takes into account all accounts on a consumers name, and looks at his/her credit profile holistically.

Please note that you will need to apply and be approved to run this offer.