migration to CAKE Tracking

Offerforge now runs on CAKE tracking

OfferForge is pleased to announce that our new second generation ad serving & performance tracking platform is now live. We will now be running on CAKE

Tracking has been given a major overhaul and now boasts a host of features including Content Delivery Network mirroring, Lead Verification & data enrichment and Mobile Attribution.

Included in the mobile feature set OfferForge now has the ability to track & attribute revenue to affiliates and marketing channels for Application Installs, In App purchases and In App Advertising.

The SDK for iOS and Android App Developers will be launched in the coming month.

Interested App Developers are invited to apply for partner status.

Jonathan Miller, CEO of OfferForge commented:

“We expect to see a boom in the South African App install, in-app purchase & in-app advertising markets. Traditionally app developers have had to rely on the app stores to promote their products, or use Facebook and similar channels, which don’t offer detailed attribution data. We’ve changed the game by including all these features in”

Affiliate Marketers will immediately notice the improved ad delivery speed and tracking, as the mirrored ad servers will enable ads to be displayed from the closest regional content host.

OfferForge Lead Generation has been redeveloped from the ground up and now includes the ability for lead buyers to bid for leads based on demographic attributes.

This will enable smaller businesses to invest in relevant lead generation on a smaller more targeted scale.

Released: 28 February 2014
For information contact:
Jonathan Miller
T: 086 10 36743 (086 10 FORGE)