Online Contact Lenses Affiliate Program for

Contact Lenses affiliate program launched

The contact lenses affiliate program for has been launched on!

“I’m sick of running out and having to order from my optometrist.  Takes days”

“Ugh, I have to keep them in extra long and they become all scratchy”

“Time to look like a nerd again and wear glasses for a week”

These are just some of the responses you can expect from a contact lens wearer, when asked about the hassle of refilling prescription contact lens orders.

Now consumers have an alternative in  Offering a hassle-free online ordering process they’ll store prescriptions and send out orders as and when you need them.  Delivery is free anywhere in SA!

LensesOnly has launched it’s South African Affiliate Marketing Program on and is offering a whopping 7% of sale.  Even considering how affordable LensesOnly are, the commission value alone is mid double digits!