is back in OfferForge

We’re pleased as punch to welcome back FRANK.NET.

They’ve developed some killer converting lead forms, which combined with their awesome brand and no-nonsense approach is converting way above the norm.

Refer your visitors for Life, Serious Injury, Salary Protection and Disability policies and earn a whopping 1.25 multiple on the first month’s premium, with bonuses for hitting high premium and high conversion targets.

[in my best radio ad impersonation voice] What are you waiting for? A bucket to pick up all the cash? Get started now [lol]

The offer is a lead generation offer

Affiliates will get paid for all qualified leads that they send through. The fact that it is a financial affiliate program automatically makes it one of the higher paying offers in South Africa.

The large financial institutions are always on the lookout for more leads. If you have the potential to generate them, you will be lining your pockets with commission!

Getting up and running is also very easy. Just log in to your Offerforge affiliate account and get the creative from your offers tab. You will start earning from the very first lead generated.

What really helps is that the brand is well known in South Africa and supported by a lot of above the line advertising.

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