The Tax Shop launches CPC campaign

The Tax Shop is a financial services franchise that offers professional taxation and business services to South African individuals and corporations of all sizes at affordable rates. Now they have partnered with Offerforge to offer a CPC campaign to publishers.

The concept was founded by Chartered Accountants Bernard Schoeman and Scha van Niekerk after identifying a huge need in the market.

Their belief has been confirmed by the fact that the Tax Shop today boasts 84 outlets, and is one of the fastest growing franchises in South Africa.

The value of this cost per click campaign is how necessary it always is for all South African tax payers to sort out their taxes. As tax season rolls around people will often start to scramble to find someone to help them get everything in order.

The huge benefit of working with professionals like this is that they help you out in their field of expertise you you can focus on yours. As far as affiliate programs go this is a great seasonal offer that has huge potential in generating multiple clicks.

The next time tax season rolls around, be sure to give this cpc affiliate program a go. CPC campaigns are the most sought after affiliate programs for affiliate marketers as their potential for generating a continuous income is enormous.

New affiliate program for inseconds by African Bank

African Bank inseconds affiliate program

One of the biggest challenges facing you is whether you can access credit when you need it! This service from African Bank enables you to easily know your credit eligibility so that your needs can be met, e.g. home improvements, emergencies, education etc.

inseconds enables you to use your cell phone or computer to access a credit application safely and quickly, with minimal information required, to get an estimated credit offer for personal loans, credit cards and furniture loans.

Using this service, you will know if you are eligible for credit from African Bank wherever you are, inseconds.

This affiliate program would be a very interesting one to run on your site as African Bank has become synonymous with quick finance.

African Bank is growing in South Africa

This affiliate program just once again shows how serious they are about their future growth in South Africa. The market in South Africa is always looking for quick finance and they are offering a viable solution.

The offer is bound to attract a lot of attention from visitors to your site. The positive result for you would be the nice increase you will be seeing in your commission!

Hyundai launches roll-over display ad unit

We love coming up with new and interesting ad units and in collaboration with the folks at Hyundai’s agency we’ve launched a new ad unit that displays a rollover ad on the footer of your affiliate site.

Check out the ad, which you’ll find on the bottom of this page.

It’s pretty cool and you can run this across your site too and earn for every ad displayed. Log in to your affiliate control panel and search for ‘Hyundai’