Standard Bank Elite banking launches CPC program

affiliate offer from Standard Bank

We have a new cost per click program for Standard Bank Elite Banking. This exciting offer gives you the opportunity as an affiliate to work with a top South African brand.

Standard Bank Elite Banking Offers:

  • An Elite Current account with a choice of three pricing options
  • A Gold MasterCard or Visa Cheque card (Chip and Pin enabled) for your day-to-day purchases, so there’s no need to carry cash around
  • A Gold MasterCard credit card (Chip and Pin enabled) with a flexible limit for worldwide purchases. Straight or budget, it’s your choice.
  • Access to an overdraft facility linked to your Elite Current account to ensure additional funds are available when you need them
  • Access to the dedicated Elite Line and Email Unit exclusively for Elite banking customers to assist with your day-to-day banking needs and related queries
  • Access to a second Elite account for your spouse or life partner at half the price
  • Access through your Gold cards to exclusive offers and special deals negotiated for you as an Elite banking customer
  • The convenience of banking anywhere 24/7 with Internet, Telephone or Cellphone banking, not to mention our extensive ATM network
cpc affiliate campaign from Standard Bank

The offering is also being actively being promoted offline through billboards, in print as well as on television and radio. It is not often that affiliate marketing comes this easy. Serving these ads on your site will be some of the best converting you will have in a long time as so much legwork was done for you already before the person hit your site!

The CPC model is also ideal for site owners as it gives them the chance to just direct visitors in the right direction. The bank will take things from there.

Time to crack down: Fraudster Smackdown

The web’s a funny old thing.  For some reason it brings out the best and the worst in our industry, like a fraudster here and there.

Take the case of Clark*  (not his real name – we’re not protecting him, but that’s the one he used).

Now Clark is based in some offshore land where he believes he’s above the reach of law and order.  Chris beavers away day and night at his affiliate business.

Unlike the rest of us honest, hardworking & innovative affiliates Chris doesn’t believe in honestly earning a buck though.

“why work hard when I’m smarter than the rest and untouchable in this foreign land”, Chris muses to himself as he busily enters stolen credit card details he’s swapped from some underground exchange and creates dozens of fake transactions on an unsuspecting merchant’s website.

Now Chris is not actually expecting toys, perfumes, magazines and electronics to be shipped all the way to him in his far off land.  He’s only interested in scamming the affiliate network out of commissions.  Oh yes, he’s a bright boy who knows that some merchants are just a little slow and by the time they figure out that they’ve been scammed the commissions are long gone.

By the time they realize he’ll have been paid, shut his affiliate account and pop up in another place and under another name.

We could wax on about the damage that Clark and his ilk do to our industry, but frankly he’s not concerned about what we think of him, he’s too busy destroying an industry.

Well, surprisingly there is quite a lot that can be done if you’re stupid enough to consider Canada a far off land.  It’s fraud and the authorities frown on that kind of thing.  IP addresses are a real bitch, especially the new kind that show just who and where you are.  Oh, and thinking you’ll get paid by Paypal ‘cos it’s anonymous is another FAIL.  They’re just as happy to collaborate with authorities and refund commissions because you’ve linked your bank account,  so now the PoPo know who you are, where you bank and where you live.

So while Clark busily goes about his day, sitting in his apartment in Toronto, does he hear the doorbell ring?

It’s for you Clark, a nice man with metal bracelets has come to visit.

When an affiliate fraudster gets what he deserves




New advertisers: Faithful to Nature and Get Bucks

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature affiliate program

Faithful to Nature is South Africa’s leading online organic and natural store. With green and all things eco being the most talked about trend there is tremendous scope to promote the 2500 plus individual product lines ranging from natural cosmetics to gluten free food to organic household cleaning products and everything in between. Products like the biodegradable kitchen cloths; organic sunscreen or hemp socks make for interesting finds; plus the our blog is jam packed with information on all things natural and healthy and much more. We also offer amazing gift packs which work well for many different events, creating ample opportunity to make the sale.

The earning potential for affiliates from a campaign like this is really good. The main reason for this is the constant growth in the health market in South Africa. As more and more people are becoming health conscious these products would appeal to a large audience.

Promoting this products on a CPS basis where you would earn commission on every sale can become quite profitable. The profits associated with the health market online is huge and as a result affiliate marketing is abuzz with these types of offers… and with good reason.

getbucks affiliate program

The GetBucks affiliate program

The GetBucks service allows flexible online loans that are available whenever you need it. All you do is choose your required amount and desired repayment date. Terms are shown up front and there are no hidden costs!

The campaign their are running is a flat rate on a CPA basis. This affiliate program offers affiliates a good chance to earn extra cash as the offer is something that would appeal to a broad audience. So often people run into financial difficulties and have problems with cash flow.

By promoting GetBucks through our affiliate marketing network you would be able to turn your pageviews into cold hard cash.

Zurich launches CPC campaign

cost per click campaign for zurich

We have a new campaign called ZA – Zurich – (CPC). This cost per click campaign will run ads for a very respectable short-term insurance company.

Zurich is a short-term insurance company headquartered in Johannesburg and listed on JSE Limited.

Zurich offers insurance products and services that respond to the needs of individual, commercial and corporate customers. It has a network of sales areas and a series of service outlets across the country, and employs approximately 1 000 people.

For individual customers, they offer a range of products including motor insurance as well as home and accident insurance, also available in the form of the “Internet Monthly Policy”. They also underwrite tailored products such as “Collectibles” to protect collectors’ valuables, and more.

For commercial and corporate customers, they offer a range of insurance solutions, including specialty lines of business such as engineering, marine and risk financing. In addition to a range of products and services for business insurance protection, they offer tailored products such as “Collectibles” for retail, wholesale and manufacturing jewellers, diamond or art dealers, and more.

Payout for this campaign is R2 per click.

As an affiliate a good cost per click campaign running ads for a respected company is well-worth your traffic. Adding this into your ad inventory list will make it possible for you to monetize your pageviews effectively.

CPC campaigns are of great value to publishers as they enable you to drive clicks and get paid for it rather than hoping it converts further down the sales funnel. Other campaigns offer commission on lead generation or sales and they have good earning potential, but the cost per click campaigns are always good to have as part of your mix.

Tupak launches click campaign

Tupak affiliate program launched

Tupak affiliate program launched on Offerforge

We have a new click campaign called ZA – Tupak – (CPC)

Have you ever dreamt of having all your wishes come true, as if by waving a magic wand?

No matter what your situation is right now, you can see all your wishes fulfilled, whether you desire money, seductive powers, sentimental or professional success. And no matter what your particular personal problem is, especially if you’re going through difficult times, there is a solution for you.

This cost per click campaign is unique in many ways. We are all aware that there are great powers in nature around us. In South Africa you will find that the vast majority of the population would agree with this. That is why you would really enjoying serving these ads to a high volume of potential customers.

As the campaign is a CPC campaign, you will be sure to earn money on your efforts. The rest of the conversion path is not your concern and you only need to drive traffic to their site from yours.

As a result of CPC campaigns like this affiliates are able to budget on a monthly basis as they would be able to work out roughly what they will earn every month.

Give this unique cost per click offer a go and see what it can do for you!

Sisha Fax2Email launches CPL campaign

sisha fax2email cpl offer

We have a new campaign called ZA – Sisha Free Fax2Email – (CPL)

Fax2Email is a complete digital fax solution which facilitates the receiving of faxes via email.

  • Manage faxes as emails
  • Receive faxes when out of the office
  • Save money on paper and toner
  • Unlimited fax numbers per company
  • No expensive software or hardware required
  • Free installation, support and unlimited usage
  • Increased confidentiality as faxes are sent directly to your inbox
Sisha Fax CPL campaign

Lead generation is a great way of generating an income from your website. You help out the advertiser by sending them qualified leads and you get paid on a CPL basis. This campaign would appeal to a large section of the population as a result of it being such an efficient way to receive faxes.

Whenever you run campaigns on your site you always want to partner up with respectable businesses that will both add to the image of your brand and also deliver in terms of an income for you. Generating leads for Sisha is a great option to achieve both of these goals.