LeverageGlobal launches CPC / CPL program

LeverageGlobal is a professional services franchise and is running a series of seminars around the country to attract new franchisees to the group. Offerforge has partnered up with Leverage Global to launch their affiliate program, which pays commissions both on a cost per click as well as lead generation basis.

Professional Services Franchise CPC and CPL campaign

Run this offer today and earn a CPC with a CPL for each successful registration to attend a seminar.

About LeverageGlobal

  • We equip our franchisees with the tools, best practices and systems needed to operate a profitable management consulting firm which facilitates performance improvements and business growth in mid-size companies through strategy, leadership, sales, cost-reduction and productivity interventions.

Please note that this is a select campaign, and you will need to apply to run it.

The earning potential of the affiliate program is catered to give you the maximum possible return on your inventory. You will earn a cost per click commission for everyone you send through to their site. On top of this you will also earn a further cost per lead commission for any subsequent leads generated.

When lead generation and and cost per click are combined like this it offers site owners the opportunity to generate a great income with definite returns.

YouTradeFX launches CPA program on OfferForge.com

YouTradeFX is one of the leading online brokerage and trading companies and we’re happy to welcome them to OfferForge.  YouTradeFX is running a CPA program, log into your OfferForge.com control panel to see your custom affiliate payout.

YouTradeFX affiliate program on OfferForge

About YouTradeFX

  • Traders can use company’s website for investing into stock, indices, commodities and foreign exchange market.
  • Our motto is to build long-term associations based on trust, corporate values and high performance.
  • We provide our visitors the trading platform, user-friendly environment and high quality and excellent services.


With their proven track record YouTradeFX would be a valuable digital advertisers creative to run on your site. A CPA campaign linked to a top brand has a far higher likelihood of success.

There are countless investors out there looking for ways to invest their money and make it grow. Giving them an opportunity to do this through the YouTradeFX affiliate program will help them and you will earn commission.

The foreign exchange offers are some of the most profitable offers that you can run as an affiliate. The returns in terms of commission is some of the highest you will earn with any program. They are more often than not sales offers where you will earn a commission for every successful sale.

Search vs Affiliate SEO – what are the facts

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords. That’s all I hear from my colleagues, that and the assumption that keywords are the most important part of SEO. Well, I disagree. I don’t believe keywords are the most important building block of SEO. Keyword phrases mean nothing unless they’re used in a specific, contextual environment.

If you think about it. Many search engine spammers use software programs to “borrow” content from competitor sites to generate doorway-page content. Do spam doorway pages generate high-quality search engine traffic and conversions? Not likely!!!  The contextual environment is substandard; therefore, the keyword phrases have little meaning.

Search Engine Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

The Meaning of Search

Interestingly, as the search industry has evolved, it seems the word “search” has come to mean only the querying process. In other words, type in two to three keywords into Google and get results — that’s search.

Search behavior doesn’t only encompass the querying process. Scanning is also a search process. When people view search results, they scan the page for information. When people click a search result to get to a Web page, they scan the Web page to determine whether or not the page’s content matches their search query.

People navigate Web sites. They look for visual cues that lead them in the right direction. Some of the visual cues are textual: titles, headings, etc. Some of the visual cues are graphical: navigation buttons, image maps, photos, etc. Browsing, reading, and scanning are also types of search behaviors.

This is where display advertising becomes an important component of your SEO strategy.  Having visually appealing, richly detailed content and imagery on affiliate sites will not only increase your inbound link popularity but also drive visitors from these sites to yours.

Affiliate management is a key ingredient of an effective SEO/SEM plan.   Affiliates, like search engine advertising, must be managed and equipped to succeed.  This involves educating and motivating them, providing them with relevant content and innovative offers and working as a team to deliver value.

Too many businesses set up affiliate programs and either appoint an intern or junior staffer to run the program.   Though some will succeed the majority of these programs will either fail or never reach critical mass.  This is where active, professional affiliate management can make the difference.

Harnessing the power of affiliates you will reduce your reliance on search engines for traffic, increase your advertising footprint at a negligible cost and  provide a platform to springboard your ecommerce business.

Search Advertising vs Display Advertising

Here at OfferForge campus two of the most frequently asked questions are:

“… what is the difference between search and display advertising”  and “…why should I use a display network over Adwords.”

Search vs Display advertising. Which is best?

Good questions indeed!  They’re so different it’s tough to compare these though both are valuable and have their own place in your marketing mix, along with Outdoor, Radio, Print and TV advertising.  Having said this we’ve tried to compare search and display to give you a better understanding.

Search advertising is a good choice when you’re looking to reach consumers that are actively looking for your service.   We’ve all learnt to ‘google’ and so it makes sense that you’d want to advertise on the search engines, after all – it is the first place people turn to when looking for a specific result.

Launching a paid search campaign is often a business’ first strategy – through which they compete with other similar companies to have their ad display when a visitor to the search engine looks for a pre-defined set of keywords.

Competition between advertisers for popular keywords is higher, resulting in escalating costs.  The returns on your ad spend are variable and can be influenced by the quality of your ad, the price competitors are paying for the same keyword, your conversion rate from visitor to customer and even the budget you’ve allowed.

Search advertising works where the consumer has a ‘nugget of intent’, in other words is actively searching for your product or service type.

On the other hand Display Advertising reaches consumers who may not be specifically searching for your product, therefore extending your reach beyond ‘searchers’.   Your ad is positioned on websites and delivers impulse visitors.   The cost to generate a visitor to your site will depend on the industry, popularity of the site you’re on and how targeted the ads are. Your conversion rate will depend greatly on the quality of your ad and the relevance to your audience.

Display advertising enables you to amplify your ad campaign – extending your print, tv and through-the-line advertising with cost effective digital advertising.

Display advertising also enables you to measure your view-through-conversions.  In essence you’d understand the impact of your brand advertising, even if your visitors saw your ad and then directly interacted with your site.  It’s an ideal tool if you’re interested in learning what ad drives behaviour or how well your brand resonates with consumers.

Display advertising is also priced more flexibly as you’re dealing with a basket of websites, rather than one search engine.   You’re able to run a cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-for-display (CPM) giving you the ability to extend your budget and advertise on a larger number of sites.

Display is a visually appealing medium and provides a platform through which you can engage your consumer with embedded video, games and other rich media.

When deciding to run a display ad campaign you need to firstly understand and focus on measuring and achieving your key metrics.  What is it you’re after?  Brand engagement, visitors or sales?  Dependent on your chosen outcome you can tailor your campaign to either pay for exposure through ad displays, visitors to your site through a cost-per-click program or even a bounty for each sale or registration.


When a consumer interacts with a search ad the user is searching for information, while a consumer that interacts with a display advert is interested in what the brand it saw advertised had to offer.

Which one’s better?  That depends on the outcome you’re looking for.   No two ad campaigns are the same, this is why testing and optimization are critical in any ad campaign.  We believe that a well designed campaign should make space for both components, enabling you to benchmark performance and blend down your costs.

For more information on how OfferForge can amplify your ad exposure and results, contact us for a consultation.