New click campaign: Work From Home – Easy Formula 4 Success

Work from Home affiliate program launched

Work From Home is an exciting new vertical.  Literally millions of people are looking for ways to earn more by working from home. It is possible to make money online from your home with minimal resources.

Easy Formula 4 Success is a free E-Book that sends Work From Home newsletters.

This affiliate campaign is available in South Africa and Australia.

The payout is R0,80 CPC and can be promoted using incentives, cpc, social media & banners.

There is always a place for a more diverse mix of creative on your site and it is sometimes surprising to see what works on different parts of your site.

As this affiliate marketing campaign is a CPC campaign it is 100% guaranteed to generate an income for you. The only thing you need to do is to have enough traffic and get enough people to click on it.

With other programs you need to then hope that it results in either a sale or a lead, but that’s not the case here.

Secrecy Bill campaign launches in OfferForge

secrecy bill campaign launched

We’re committed to transparency! Want to know what South Africans think about the Secrecy Bill? So do we!

This campaign has 100,000 clicks available at R0.10 per click. This is a very interesting CPC campaign and bound to peak the interest of most South Africans.

If you have a high volume site it is ideal to run this campaign, as it will generate clicks from higher numbers of your customers. It is a unique affiliate program from Offerforge and definitely one to consider as a supplemental source of income.

SA Traffic only please.

Why CPC campaigns are popular affiliate programs

Affiliate marketers are constantly on the lookout for diversified offers. Adding a CPC offer with your lead generation offers and sales offers, will give you a good combination of possible earning opportunities. The wider you cast your net, the easier it is to catch some commission.

Jacques Lemans sales campaign now running

Jacques Lemans Mens and Womens Watches are now available directly from They have launched an affiliate sales campaign through Offerforge where you can earn commission based on every sale.

The range is extensive and includes Classic and Sports watches at unbeatable prices. The prices available online are unbeatable, which makes the potential for this affiliate program so much better.

All watches carry a 24 month warrantee and the website is designed to convert.
The program uses direct linking, enabling affiliates to deep link to any product or page on the site and still get credit for sales.

Commission:10% on all sales
Cookie Life:6 month cookie life
Search Marketing:Yes, search engine marketing on all product / brand names.
Recommended Search Terms:Watch Brand and product Names (e.g. Jacques Lemans, Watch, Mens Watch, Womens Watch, Training watch, sports watch, Capri, Watch Dublin, gift watch)
Datafeed:Launching soon – contact us
eMail Marketing:Yes, Opt In Email
Coupons:Yes – contact us
Linking Methods:Banners & Text Links

The brand is a legendary and well known brand in upmarket watches. If you have access either to visitors in higher income groups through mail or your site, this is the idea affiliate marketing option for you. Give your customers what they want by offering them great deals on these top quality timepieces.

Boodle campaign is live in OfferForge again

boodle campaign is live again

Boodle is back with an even better payout offer to you. Micro loans are a fast growing industry and Boodle offers Same-Day payouts on loans from R250.

Advertise Boodle and you can earn R40 per funded loan up to 50 per month.  Send 50 to 100 loans each month and you’ll earn R55 for all your loans.  100+ loans gets you R70 per loan irrespective of the loan value!

Cookie life 30 days
Display, Search, Email and Contextual allowed.
RealTime and imported tracking.

The enormous volume of micro loans that the South African market deals in every month is huge. If you decide to advertise Boodle as an affiliate, the above mentioned scale clearly shows the earning potential if you send through large volumes to them.

The more quality traffic you send through, the higher your commission earnings will be. Affiliate marketing in the financial sector has always been competitive, but the rewards have also always been great. Leverage your site traffic today and turn those pageviews into cash.

The popularity of affiliate offers related to loans is undeniable. As an affiliate you would be able to cash in on the need that exists in South Africa. The earning potential from these offers are huge.